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Ignorance, ego and dismissive became norm (food and health) 


Fatema Miah:

In some communities, ie the Bangali/Pakistani People are ignorant vast majority, ego is a devil  red heated up with horn killing people from within and they destroying each other, and dismissive nature has become a norm. These are the damaging aspects in  nature destroying humanity and has been.
Tried to avoid, I ignored. I have been trying to live by adopting to different food types, for halal and nutrition, from worldwide varieties, I am almost 80 vegetarian and I been creating dishes in balancing with different flavours with their nutrition and adequacy  of calories (for decades).  Where, when people my native ethnic people have been offensive and talking  derogatory for why my dietary intake should be different to theirs, because I am a native Bangali, they come up with evil comment of accusation that do I eat haram? No. I eat only Halal and 100% Halal always.
Ough! Truth is they eat haram food, because their dietary  amount is surely haram, and their consumed food turns haram because  of inappropriately handling and, cooking.  Knowledge, when I raise about, it’s not about education, it’s awareness is must, that’s what they dismissive about. I keep silent, and used to scape not to partake in raised conversations, when those people are dangerously rigid and adamant, and more often know it all so they ready to quarrel. They are prepared to defeat each other and win.
Is that women only?  No. Women and Men.  Business they like,  they talk word business, to them means something. They, stand with ego with the word businesses. Why not, selling is s basic and easiest source of earning. Is the halal source that our prophet pbuh did it.  Do they all keep them halal. Are all selling products types halal? ?  Beside that, what about knowledge factor?  The fundemental and must required thing knowledge for business they ignore it, dismiss with ego and act as know it all, for a earning, running for selling food they call it business. Yes, it’s business with profit, margin of gross and net, in it trading of buying and selling ,  calculation math of quantity and cost is done also legal procedures they categorically as tick boxing, do have implaced.
Here food is the best business as obvious for benefit.  Fruits and veg , in open  market to sell is fine. When it comes to store it requires sroring and displaying appropriately.  Other things ie the cooking ingredients in plastic packages are dangerously deceptive for health. Asian shops keep things out on the sun to  entice customers with special offers, then later on they take them  back in, with plenty of time length dates on them but allowed to form toxic harmful acid within and still selling them. How halal is the business?   Fish and meat are absolutely delicate items and there is handling and restoring  issues about them.
Bangali and Pakistani people, don’t apply any food regulation most often. It is UK, we have a hygiene regulation here. Business are legally bound to comply with food hygiene regulation. For that, a basic and good understanding and affirmation of knowledge is must. Most business are running under someone else’s named approved licensed. People work there are ignorants and careless. They work with no knowledge seeked. If you ask a question, ( I don’t) you will be devil titled, they will target you as their enemy, even when they force people to buy items you can see kept under sun in plastic wrapped around, insects sitting on and flying around. When they are inspected, they blamed a person didn’t even raise they issue let alone to report.
Pakistani people, only in the last decade, few years back, made me sick with their mental idiotic rigid, ignorant attitude and their normal pressurising nagging attitude of talk with alligation and affirmative that (using Islam as  their weapon,), in kuffar hate, they say buying from anywhere else is haram. When they don’t maintain legislations and sell bad food with high cost. Grocery opened in Shirley in the last decade, and had to close down soon because of course for their poor and inappropriate  management. Simple, commercial electricity regulation need, they failed to comply with.
The people, Pakistanis, appear great for few times, and with evil jealousy lies they fantastic with evility that that claim their goodness. Women, their ethnic women,  come and leave shop people with evil gossips whispered into their ears. And the people there, ready sit there to talk to you to pass on evil lies, haram talks. They don’t understand, you are annoyed. They talk over you to tell you,  we are Muslims, not gora the white kuffars, sharing haram gossip talks, they with force affirm is good and Muslims must keep talking about (apne khobor) community.  Some Pakistani people were like almost killing others about, telling not to buy from Tesco and other superstores. Tesco has perfect Halal section with Muslim staff there.
In small heath, Birmingham, Sheik bros Pakistani top fraud, cheat, in till, add high price items  and don’t give you a receipt, brothers are good at general talk when cheating on the till.  They misleads tax, in it Bangalis money they pocketing in, with high miss bill, and showing false income stamp tax for immigration and inland revenue. Government can’t do mush because they are experts in it with their  professionals in all revenues. By cheating a regulative country UK,  what great improvement  people made to their ethnic country? Nothing, in fact led to worse mass and corruption.
Back to health concern, the Asians are worse ill health people in the statistic health list with food related illness. Wow, Asian Muslims, even in UK, bend the regulation and be the worse health group.  No. This is UK and the quality will be maintained. Don’t moan and play blame games when a lots of more shop stores will be closed down and super markets will expand.
I came to understand that they disgust and discuss each other, show their dislikes and disapprovals of each others acts, talks and ways of doing thongs, therefore there is a huge misunderstanding and a culture of dismissiveness formed.  I empathise with them despite their spiteful acts, there  majority  among them are in their though  working for Halal against Haram, and have become too rigid, tight in thinking, left mo space for understanding and so are resulting to negative out put. Fighting against haram and ending up doing haram.  Like, to prevent a murder, one ends up murdering.