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Let’s be realistic (climate and food)

Fatema Miah:


It is July now and the weather seems under the climate effect.

Climate change is prominent issue, let’s leave the arguement about whether global warming or is it cooling, the issue is changing atmosphere’s effects on the biosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere and  hydrosphere already made drastic turn and causing suffering.

The suffering here we are talking about isn’t only manmade war, here we have natural disasters. The climatic change is obvious and before our eyes. To deal with climatic change or be able to deal with climate we must seek solutions.  Please refer to my other relevant articles by subject.

We need worlds leaders certainly to stand up and sort solutions. There are many solutions sorted. Our experts the  science and tech professionals are supportive and have come up with technical advancement methods that I have written in my previous articles.  Physicists have been looking for better functioning and improved methods for nuclear power, I also wrote in my articles.

The basic and fundemental need is food. The solution for food is adoptation and mitigation.  Here the environment comes in needs tp be taken into consideration. The solutions and viable sort is obvious need alongside resilience. It seems the best option in Food what is also must is the crops.

To grow plenty of crops, and to encourage to grow your own crops locally.  Grow your own can only be vegetables, as far as I can see. Then again, how much can be  produced or grown, or do able by individuals? Comes in question. Fruits don’t make a meal.

Let be realistic, growing vegetables let alone grains isn’t evevodys capacity and certainly not sufficient amount to cover complete dietary requirements of each family. We have spoken enough about growing your own vegetables.

We must now get to logic for genuinely to mere the needs, the truth it’s not individuals’ do able task.  Food is government responsibility and it must be dealt by governments and leaders. Yes, I agree with growing local as much as possible. It should be encouraged and do by groups, under organised system.

Local people must be invited to partake with their knowledge and capacity. Certainly its not my size job.  Individuals trying growing own vegetable, it’s as well as waste of time and money, also unnecessary pressure on land, when no stock to harvest.

Also, the regional capacity cannot be overlooked, neither the weatheral uncertainly. Here in UK, last year summer weather helped growing some varieties of vegetables in the back gardens and allotments. This year, nothing much growing.

There in East and South of globe, water level rise, unexpected rain falls and other unexpected  insects effect the crops. Individuals growing by themselves without group support the cost and the effort isn’t worth it, and disappointment discourage them to keep trying.

To encourage, there experts knowledge and back up support is also needed to be able to grow the sustainable required amount of food to meet the need. With the changing climates effects on the weather, the adaptation is must.

Therefore, for sustainable  adoptation, education and knowledge is must. Diversity is key. Here food diversity comes in. The traditionalsm of dietary preferences and fancy must be encouraged to mixing and mingling.

The education is core and must. The cosmocity and diversity is also considerable aspects to be taken into account to tackle food solution. Thoroughly, must be provided education and  awareness on dietary aspects, availability, the nutritions and varieties.

People must be introduced gradually, to varieties as alternatives, (to help the test-bud) to prevent mass death due to food deficiency, inedicuecy, or for lacking of reaching to alternative or seeking food for comfort and unable to eat, digest food types other than their accustomed type/s.

About food topic, it is bodily necessity as well as also psychological aspect. I wrote some years ago in my dietary and food articles. All subjects interlink to  climate science like I wrote before for past several years. Food and climate are also science and psychology as well as faith.

Climate issue already took its toll on physical as well as on mental well being, and  effects are expected to increase more. Children are certainly more sensitive to the effect.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com