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The Crusaders rose again and crusade continued. (2019)


Fatema Miah:


The crusades took place in Jerusalem about rein over Jerusalem and to take procession of Jerusalem, it was the Christianity seeking the power over Jerusalem, caused bloodshed and crucifixions’ and the ruthless bloodshed ended there in Jerusalem, with an end of medieval.

It was amplified to be Holy cause, for sake of God the lord, the glorified, Jerusalem was to be conquered, to rein in. Sacrifices of human were given for the glorification of Lord, the creator and for the honour of the miracle birth.  Was it truly the case in respect of Glorification?

Extremesm of rage, the ruthless passionate desire for procession over Jerusalem was ‘for devotion’, and the striking by staking dear life in it, crucifying, and mass slaughtering to keep rein on or to conquer Jerusalem said to be was the ‘Holy act’ for the God.

Crusaders slaughtered hundreds of men women and children to entere into Jerusalem. There were Crusades surged forth from many different churches, to conquer Jerusalem. The crusaders faced mercy from Muslims, and had chance of peaceful negotiation of treaty with Muslims.

There was Shii- Sunni tension due to dislikes. Muslims – Jewish dislike tention, Jewish- Christian dislike tention, and cutting across through all these tensions, crusaders slaughtered thousands of Jews, Muslims and other nonChritians to conquer Jerusalem.

Then Renaissance took on as a ‘rebirth’ of a new European Culture of art and science, turned Europe towards a new direction. Before crusades,  Middle Eastern Catholic Churches were oppressed by the Romans and seeked help from Muslims for their freedom from Romans.

It was the crucial moment when Muslims defeated the greatest Western power The Romans.  The Jerusalem came under Muslims rule. The Crusades began from Europeans Churches to crush down Muslims, Jews and the all other non Christians to conquer Jerusalem back and to spread Christianity.

Nowadays, from the modern era, to todays polytheism and Homo-sexual approved western society, where faith isn’t given importance to,  why Crusades like missions are taking place and pulling in entire world in the conflict surrounded same Jerusalem and Israel issue?

The Europeans under USAs influence Made Israel. USA, specially the Republicans’ always set restless over middle East, and Now Trump restless like crusaders for control over Jerusalem.  Would Muslims nations sit with folded arms, before USAs new Crusade?

With the Crusade passion many European capitals fell. There in middle East, why people cannot behave better in calm manner? The Jews are seems to be inconsiderate rigid, the Christians are ruthless, and Muslims are reactive there in Middle East.

There, the Turks, the Persians, Egyptians, Arabs and Europeans  all are back in the scene with Israel  and USAs Crusade, and now with nuclear power. The Nuclear warfare; the exchanges of uranium atomic proliferate chemical blast of blistic flipping destructive threaghning, Is it not over Jerusalem?

At the end of previous European Wars, WW i and ii, at the deaths of Empires the USA what was born out of UK, the US asserter its rein over Jerusalem. The Jerusalem remained centre conflict point and the entire world in war of same crusade.

The Europeans had Jerusalem from Muslims under a peace treaty with the Muslims.  The Europeans by adopting to Muslims democracy, by over throwing Churches sovereignty power, formed EU and United Nation, allied with UK, made syke-pikot treaty served their crusaders mission.

The Renaissance took place in Europe to a new awakening of light. The Enlightment came in, modern era began, the revolution accelerated forward and global integrations and diversity took place. After all, the world is at war. Its a Multi dimensional war. Isn’t the Jerusalem under the Crusaders power?

When Europe, UK and USA swear on reformation of modernising to homo marriages, why then Israel a strict orthodox Jews country who are against such practice, supporting them and giving power of their Crusaders passion land Jerusalem? Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com