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Boris throughout his time at the frontline of British politics.


By Mehfuz Ahmed:

I have known Boris throughout his time at the frontline of British politics, right from when he was the London Mayoral Candidate in 2006, to being elected Mayor, to when he was the Foreign Secretary. I recall meeting him just a few days before he visited Bangladesh to visit the Rohingya Refugees in Cox’s Bazaar and his statesman-like conviction to resolve the issue convinced me he was cut out for the top job.

At the moment of delay and indecision, it is imperative that we deliver Brexit to give this country the certainty it deserves. I believe Boris is the best candidate to do this. He is clear that he will deliver on the mandate the British people gave politicians to leave the EU and he is clear that this will be by 31 October. The sooner we leave the EU, the sooner we can invest our energy and money into our own priorities like the NHS & Social Care and our precious schools.

Boris, was elected twice as Mayor of London winning the support of Londoners from all walks of life. I personally campaigned with Boris before and after he became the Mayor of London in 2008 in my own ward in Westminster where I was elected first ever Conservative Councillor in 108 years. I saw first-hand how he is able to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and this is exactly what he will continue to do when he becomes the Prime Minister.

Recently, we have seen an increase in knife crime, and this has immensely caused concerns for parents of young adults. This must be urgently tackled. During his tenure as Mayor of London, the knife and violent crime fell and he took 11,000 knifes off the streets. I welcome Boris’ commitment to put an extra 20,000 police on the beat to tackle the surge in knife and violent crimes across the country.

Boris is passionate about the charities and community groups that do so much to make this country a better place for the most vulnerable. Boris was the Patron of a London based charity “London Tigers” during his term as Mayor of London. He routinely visited the charity and engaged with young people to understand and respond to their concerns. As Prime Minister I believe he would continue his great support of this vital sector.

That is why I am backing Boris. I am confident that he will deliver Brexit by 31 October and then get on with delivering for the nation by uniting the country, focusing on the most important matters that we face today.

Mehfuz Ahmed, Chairman, Conservative Friends of Bangladesh

CEO of a Charitable Organisation,  mehfuzahmed@hotmail.com