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Some voices and statements on anti terror not been made widely known.

Fatema Miah:

It seemed to be and has been understood that large Muslim society have been silent on terrorism and hate attacks in the name of Islam. I May begin with my apology of not known of although not many, few  individuals have expressed their view against terrorism and commented disapproval of such manipulation on behalf of their committee and orgs, wrote and published.

To my fellow Indian friends, commentators and analysts, who raised question Bengali Scholars silence, here I high light the messages of Bengali Muslim Scholars’. It seems to be their voices might have been oppressed, kept low and not been  allowed to spread out.

I have been strongly urging Muslims to voice against manipulation and reiterating, questioning on silence. Whereas, some silent comments are left unheard unaware of. Their comments and concern seems to have fell through the net holes beneath the louder, over powering and manipulative power oppressing aggressors’.  Though, I have written that although  it is silent, the majority Muslims do not approve cruelty and abuse of Islam.

Muslim Bengali  Scholar Alim Hafiz Sharif  Ahmed in London handed me a Bangla large collective, multi genre, hard paper back publication. I scanned through it, few subjects drew attention to scheme through. In it an Article published, written by Sha Nazrul Islam. The Title says Kauki Madrasa the Islamic School of Kaumi a certain sect, (the major practised Islamic doctrines), urging for establishment  of peace and primary progression in Bangladesh. There he begins with sentence Islam and its fundamental aspect peace.

Continues in it explained, the usual phrases and messages I have been reiterating and many other Muslims scholers and general people have been writing,  its the basic Islamic teaching from Quran Hadith of peace practices, disapproval of violence, attacks, terrorising and killing. He strongly emphasised, killing and terrorism are forbidden acts Islam is manipulated and Muslims are abused. As I felt compel to contradict to few individuals narrow and spiteful, unethical, irrespective mannerism, shocking they are so backward but claiming modernism. For that I wrote article on term modern.  Anyways, there’s  a factor of hateism: Not only the mad evil  claiming Muslims, there are  so called  modernistic, narrow minded, ill perception beings, have been spreading  hateful remarks against Islam fuelling back lashes in Bangladesh and there in West Bengali.

The good practise are disturbed because of bizarre and deterrent quality of understanding in people. The writer, Shah Nazrul Islam while, condemning and disapproving terrorism, violence and killing with Quranic references also raised the concern of misunderstand and representation of practises, irrationally blaming and  labelling.  The is like painting all over with same brush.

Being British from birth and in UK, remotely, away from Bengali community in I do not have association with any community, except for being in a predominant white region, living as Muslim, maintaining Islamic values, practising learnt doctrines’  and getting on with life. Thus politics is a concerning factor. Understanding is very much lacking in vastly in Majority Asian, hence such reactive violence is being  acts.

While concern was on  influencing anger and playing of politics with sub clause of Quranic verses contrary vice- versa same with others, my teaching and practises ascertained me that they are wrong. I claimed Bengali Muslims have good and peace practice in place, on the basis of my Father, uncles and their circle of peoples nature of practises, where vast part of my teaching practises came from. that known of. It was unbelievable to Digest Bangalis being involved in violence, hate and terrorism.


It is also equally concerning when Islam and practitioners are generalised and criticised with hursh phrasing, that is largely in Bangladesh, by ill minded, ill educated politicians and critics.  Respect is lacking in Asia on believes and practises. Every wrong there, politics is throne of Dynasty in the name of fake play democracy. Violence carried out in the name of Islam, and hate preaching insolency carried out acting western minded, when here we western nurture live and let live with respect of others’ believes and ways of lifestyles.

Teaching is urgently  needed  to educate, to make people to learn to be human, to live and let live as well  as Bangalis of both Bangladesh, West Bengal and worldwide, Across Asia, and world wide. How to inject humanity into human being? Rohingya have been oppressed, abused and killed   in mass number before the world under the  reign of Noble peace Prize receiver.  Winning and gaining are two complete different factors that is obvious here. Rohingya victims are sheltered in Bangladesh, supported and being cared.

Education, adoptation and teaching of reflection is must to be able to maintain a cohesive world.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com