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BB has ‘no data on remittance outflow’

BB has ‘no data on remittance outflow’

Dhaka, Jul 31 : Bangladesh Bank does not maintain any data on remittance outflow although it has updated data on remittance inflow, said its officials.

Bangladesh Bank government Fazle Kabir and other deputy governors informed reporters about it while responding to questions on the issue while unveiling the monetary policy statement (MPS) at a press conference at the central bank on Wednesday.

Their remarks came when reporters wanted to know what amount of remittance is being taken away by the foreigners working in Bangladesh, legally or illegally.

The central bank governor then passed on the microphone to deputy governor Abu Hena Razee Hasan to respond to the questions.

As Razee Hasan could not provide any data on the outflow of remittance, the central bank governor said there is no data available in this regard right now.

He, however, said the central bank will take measures to maintain data separately about the outflow of remittance.

The Bangladesh Bank website, however, provides updated data on remittance inflow which is mainly sent by expatriate Bangladeshis living abroad.

But there is no data available on the central bank website about the remittance outflow.