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I condemn Indian governments hate politics. India and democratic?

Fatema Miah:

Indian government BJP openly exercising hate politics in India against Muslims there. RSS attacking Muslims everywhere. Muslins are abused and tortured systematically in India. There in Bengal in India it’s a living hell for Muslims. Muslims are deprived, abuses are ignored and systematically attacking news been repressed. I disgust and condemn such ill politics played in India by BJP government.
It’s aching in my heart that Muslims are being tortured and killed in India by the governments investigation group.  Women with young children, pregnant women and post natal Mothers with babies are locked up in the darkness of jail with false alligation of supporting terrorism. And youth, and men  are arrested often, bitten up and locked up in custody then released with threats, said Choton Das.
I always spoke against terrorism and continously blamed Muslims not loudly voicing against anti Islamic acts of terrorism.  I thoroughly wrote voicing against Muslims Silence on those few acts of terrorism when most and majority Muslims disapproved such terrorising and violences but voices and messages weren’t spread out loud enough.  There, In India, they are torturing Muslims systematically under political support and I will not tolerate it. I wrote to Amnesty international, United Nation and other orgs to interfere in and to condemn such tortures.
In India, in the same Bengal under Muslim ruler, in  the rulling of Nawab Shiraj ud Dawla, Hindus were nurtured and  served with respect and there they lived in peace.  The low cast Hindus were given human rights, equal respect and equal privileges.  Then under the governing of Fazlul Haq during British India era, Hindu peasants were taken care of and served with justice.  The upper cast, or the babu Hindus disregarded low cast Indians and refused to give them Hindu title.
The Indians now playing that Muslims converted Hindus into Islam. It has become a style of to attack with any alligation. When those low cast Hindus weren’t allowed to Hindu rituals, they had no right of worshipping and their devolution to God was denied, they needed spiritual belonging and they had desire for source and methods or system to faith practice for connecting to God, they were allowed and welcomed to Islam.
Those low cast abused and neglected people chose Islam to connect to God and they were happy that they were allowed and integrated into a society and community. Hindus certain class people are too vindictive and spiteful that they are critical unnecessarily and harbour and spread out hate.  It’s the hate in some Hindus effecting the politics.  India with such hate is politically incorrect in hate practice against Muslims.
Modi the BJP playing cat and mouse with Pakistan, that’s fine, play it, why playing same with all  Muslims? While, on the one hand  acting friend with Bangladesh, BJP government on the other hand playing against Bangladesh.  There BJP threaghning their Muslim citizens to send them to Pakistan and Bangladesh, why?
BJP and RSS working in agreement, in collaboration attacking on Muslims ans they claim it’s a democratic India.  With hate practice in politics and India democratic?  BJP government shamed India and RSS is a violent criminal organisation. Decent, respective and peace loving Indians are many there in India and they voicing against and working in for justice.
Choton Das like people made an organisation named Bandi Mukti to work and voice for justice. Choton Das spoke before media with evidence against governments political manipulations and the BJPs  plots  against Muslims. Madrasas the Islamic schools are targeted and false reports are made and published as news. Choton Das opened up the books before the public.
Madrasas are blamed and news made broadcasted that terrorism materials were found in Madrasa in Bengal. Choton Das opened up the children rhyme book written by Hindu poet and a basic Arabic alphabet book for beginners what they called them terrorism materials.
I disgust, shame and condemn BJP government for such hate politics. I also sent request to our British new Prime Minister Mr Boris Johnson to warn Mody to stop hate politics.  How is India a democratic country? Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com