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Eid Ul Azha, Hajj and Muslims’ incite -politicise (2019)

Fatema Miah: 

 Eid Saeed, Eid Mubarak and Hajj Mubarak to Worlds Al Hujjajs.  Arafat today Saturday the 10th and Eid tomorrow Sunday the 11th  of August 2019.

This is the last lunar calendar Dual Hujja Islamic month.  Millions of Muslims from across the world goes to perform pilgrim one of  the  pillars of Islam, the Hajj. Ya Allah accept my and my parents, and my children’s Hajj, and all the good People, before and after. And guide us Muslims to the right way, and distinguish all the misleading, hypocritical beings whom are shame and causing bad mark for the others and on the earth. May Allah help people to realisation or to be marked down of faulty, to save Islam from shame. Ameen.
Lets briefly explain Hajj. Hajj,  is performed in the Month of Dual Hujja.  It is the following deed, the worshipping method began from our human 1st parents Adam and Eve. The same deeds as worlds phenomena, and human tradition continued, and same performed by all prophets; by Noah, Moses, Ibrahim and Finally, by prophet Muhammed pbuh. From Mohammed pbuh, it was reconfirmed and finalised as one of the pillars of Islam that we Muslims to perform.  The Hajj, tradition was although continued from time of Adam and Eve pbut, though the systematically sequential acts of deeds in Hajj are the acts from the time of Prophet Ibrahim pbuh.
Ka’ba, Ya Allah, is the symbol of divinity, the spiritual pleasure at sight. The Ka’ba circulating has been the tradition of mankind from Adam and Eve pbut. It’s the Ka’ba on the earth is below the throne of Allah Subhanu Tala. Although, Allah is always and everywhere, there, the Qa’ba is the symbol point to reach Allah Tala, for us believing Muslims.  Thanks a millions to Allah for allowing me, my sons, my parents and other closed ones, to be able to touch the Qa’ba. It’s the best experience of life and worth better than above everything else.  SubhanAllah.
The seven run after Qa’ba 7 circulation, is the 7 runs between safa and Marwa, this deed was added in Hajj from Ibrahim pbuh, after Hajira his wife, on the exile on the desert, after giving birth she pbuh had run 7 times in hope to fetch water in stressed condition. Ya Allah, and the Jam jam well emerged miraculously, as Rahma of Allah the creator. Followed on that Ibrahim phuh was ordered and he offered to sacrifice his son Ismaili and Hajira without any hesitancy (unreluctance) agreed to the sacrifice in Allahs order.  Therefore, we Muslims followers of Mohammed and Ibrahim pbut offer Sacrifice, Qurbani in Eid ul Adha. Ya, Allah accept our Qurbani, Ameen.
The other deeds we perform in Hajj, the Mina, Arafath and Majdulufa; they were the places where Adam and Eve peace be upon them were finally reunioned and bonded back in, started earthy life and continued from there on wards. And Madina, it’s no doubt known to be the place where our beloved Prophet Muhammed pbuh is residing, where he migrated  to after escaping from Makkah, the journey they took known as Hijrath.  It’s the Madina is the Nursery or the schooling of Islam as i wrote previously in my other article, The Riyadul Jannah.  (Makhah is the cruddle of Islam, I wrote in My article 1st sight of Qa’ba).
For Muslims, if Jannah on earth, I believe is in Heram of Makkah and Madinah. The other Holy important place for Muslims is the Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, birth place of Jesus, Isa pbuh. ISA pbuh hasn’t performed his hajj yet, per he had very short time on the earth. He will perform his hajj rituals on his return. And his returning rime is nearing. Before Isa, Jesus, Imam Mahdi will appear and will stand against injustice power rule.  From Arab to East imam Mahdis team will work across to promote peace and justice.  Isa, Jesus will come down to earth and shall join Imam Mahdi to promote peace and justice, and Western world will happily acknowledge them. There will be peace and it will be safe in the west, and East where the problem shall be.
About ‘Jannah on earth’, there are misled Muslims in Asia, Indian and Pakistanis have influenced and misled Bangladeshi some Muslims addressing Kashmir as the Jannah on the earth. What a misleading, Kashmir is an Ancient Veda, Puran and Sanskritic link land mark, and the British Imperialists called it a Heaven on the earth. There are lots of explanation and points behind such statement. Is Kashmir really anyhow  better than European valleys? No.  In the south Indian monsoon heavy down fall, damp and humidity of weather, when imperialists, after humpy and jurkey journey in the gust of windy rainfalls, from Bengal through Delhi via Punjab, reached to Kashmir, he in relief said  if Heaven on earth is anywhere, it’s here in Kashmir.
Now, hundreds of years later, Muslims playing the phrase and trying to politicise it to mislead Muslims in attempt of inviting Muslims to take Kashmir issue as Muslims Jihad. And the jihad is for Jannah the heaven, and what is the heaven? Kashmir a section of land between India and Pakistan, that’s predominantly is an state of Local people.  For Bangladeshi Muslims, some idiotic mindless Mullas they are misled and they trying to incite Bangladeshi Muslims using the word Jannah and its our Muslims issue, would Kashmiri people allow Bangladeshi people there, to be in Jannah? No. Do Kashmiri people care about, let alone to respect Bangladeshi people as Muslims?  In that Kashmir Jannah, do Bangladeshi Mulla want those hoors? (The Kashmiri blue eyed Monster women, Kashmiri Koli or  bala). Bangladeshi Muslims, are not going to Kashmir for Hajj. Please don’t be misled about Gazatul Hind. Imam Hahdi isn’t here yet. Bangladeshi people already been deceived by this Muslims duty, played word, ‘Gazatul Hind’, secretly and deceptively  Pakistan was made (a non Islamic non Arabic name).
Bangladesh had it’s independent and Kashmiri when they seeking their independent, they have right to their independent seeking, fair enough. What Kashmiri Muslims did in 71 when Muslims were horrendously attacked and tortured by their favourite Pakistan? Where was Muslims duty of love for Muslims? Kashmir is India’s home affairs and it’s their neighbouring enmity issue with Pakistan, we must let them deal with it with the world. We can and must speak against any human right violation, and better not be fooled by Pakistani Muslim trick. By the Muslim trick they Made Pakistan, there  they abused, oppressed, massacred and deceived world. Truth is, Kashmiri people are  under the Pakistan influence against India.
For India, When Kashmir want separation, why not think about; How many division must be of India? There are issues about; Kashmir, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Bengal and Assam. They can be all different separate countries  and they  would be manageable size to be govern by themselves. The remaining central part can be the India.  Is that not a forevisioned scenario likely to be as a suitable solution?