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Why only Kashmir for Muslims cry 

Fatema Miah:

Kashmir is a political issue not Gazwa e Hind.
Kashmir drew worlds attention surely not because of love of Muslims for Muslims only, and I am saying as such from the clear understanding of the political status or political conflict of India and Kashmir.  The Kashmir situation isn’t good, neither Modi governments movement about Kashmir these days praise worthy. What can I say this is? Political misleading? Or Mishandling or political failure? Surely Kashmir dealing of Modi in this month of August ‘19 is not positive dealing, when the citizen had to face disturbances, distracted and stressed.
If Indian government fear of Kashmir going out of hand imposing restriction will not make it any better, rather it is working as fuelling the fire. And the fire spreading out by wind. It’s drew worlds attention to Kashmir and given Pakistan strong and direct signal to surge forth to Kashmir, with a clear explanation of to support Muslims their fellow beings, their brotherhood, which is true that Kashmiri are their fellow brotherhood beings. Its give them the opportunity to step in Kashmir,  when Pakistan is keen to have Kashmir under their control. It’s all about control. (Same I saw there in Solihull Muslims, UK. control seeking).
Pakistan playing well by phrase Muslim-hood or brotherhood about Kashmir issue, that they drew worlds attention to it. South Asian Muslim countries have fell in their sympathy game  for Kashmiri brothers, and Muslims are shouting against  Indian governments such actions in Kashmir. Muslims screaming and crying for Kashmiri people/Muslims and about Kashmir issue as unjust on Muslims, as if that was the ever worse unjust/tortures on Muslims only in Kashmir. Even, China a non Muslim country Standing up for Kashmir against India, very sad, when China itself horrendously abusing it’s Uyghur Muslims minority.   China must be warned to mind their dealing with Uyghurs.  When Indian people refused to support my voice against Chinas ill treatment on Uyghur minority group, the Indians  told me Fatema it’s their home matter and China has right dealing with their people to live according to their law. Look Indians, now China directly interfering against your government dealing about Kashmir.
This is why political misleading hypocrisy annoy me. Politicians play with democracy and talk of rights when they oppress rights and infact apply tortures and pretend political correctness by pushing out correctness, to be politically correct.  It makes me ponder on, what’s wrong with autocracy if justice and care would be in Practice? Rather than politically misled democracy. Then the biggest point is Islam sentimentalism is being played in. Whether it was about Pakistan making, or Bengal division, or East Bengalis massacres by Pakistan, or Baluch, Sind, and Peshawar  oppressions and in terrorism harbouring always Islam is being played.
There in Arab region, some people in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria are in horribly bad situation, and world watching the Israeli power exercising on helpless people. Kashmir issue is nothing but a political pull and push, what is exaggerating to disproportionate Muslims oppression by Kuffars.  Why Uyghur Muslims not being helped by Muslims voicing countries. China causing horrible suffering to Uyghur Minority people and children’s are restrained also. The Uyghur Muslims women are by force, making hysterectomy operation to dysfunction their natural fertility capacity.  Is that not enough tortures volume to voice for them (non attractive looking beings) compare to Kashmiri same Pakistani prefared looking type?
About Arabs, Quran written in their language and Islam is their norm tradition, they played ego of such, ok. What about their suffering situation? Do they not deserve attention to their suffering situation? Pakistani Kashmiri people, are even more egoistic and very ill playful with hate nurturing with clear display of Quranic/Hadiths twisted messages.  After all they know Magic to draw worlds attention towards them, and people fall for them, like Malala Yousefanzi, had entire worlds privileges over millions  of suffering children everywhere.  There a group of Bangladeshi Muslims dying crying for Kashmiri this 370 article withdrawn political issue, when in their own vicinity children are dying every day and are target of all sorts of tortures.
About Kashmir issue as a political matter, we must voice with opinion for Kashmiris right of desire, though when there Pakistan politics linked and terrorism is an on going matter, also they play politicise Islam, and Kashmiris are cooperative in the game, I do not approve their game. They have right to their independence seeking, and equally Indian government have right of dealing with their country matter as long as there is no tortures taking place, or their faith practice is allowed.  Politicising Islam, and they Made Jinna Kaide Azm, I have with criticism explained the misleading in my book Unspoken.  Didn’t the Pakistan making beings played Gazwa e Hind and  Jinnah,  Kaide Azm their Masiah, to be Imam Mahdi?
In the same India, where Bangali Muslims are oppressed, their voice been kept silent throughout entire  Independent India time. The Bengali Hindu and Muslims are left underprivileged, voice  unheard, when it was Bengalis stood up for Indians rights from British.  They took  Pakistan in the name of Muslims by tactics. Arabs and entire world must learn from Pakistanis the Magic chanting.  Looks like Muslim world will be drawn with magic to Kashmir and Pakistan for Holly rituals over Hajj in Makkah and Madina way Kashmiri and Pakistani making Muslims to believe and fall in for Kashmir as Heaven or the earth.  After Pakistan made, Bhutto did take King Faisal to Pakistan faith Islam to get blessing from Pakistan grave. Now with Arabs sorrow, they likely to come to Pakistanis for magic practices.
Whereas about Gazwa e Hind, who can say, Imam Mahdi and his team won’t fight the Terrorists in the Gazwa e Hind battle, same as they will fight the Manipulative misleading Islam claiming wrong doing group formed in Arab region eg ISIL. In my understanding that’s what the prediction is. The Gazwa e Hind in the prediction also said there will be Karbala like crying in everywhere at the time before Gazwa e Hind that means its not the non Muslims, like Karbala it wasn’t non Muslims caused painful suffering deaths to good souls, it wasn’t war on Islam, it was evil attacks with power for power in Karbala, and there are terrorists groups in India and Pakistan match the scene.  The evil can be Hindu or anti Hindu though is inhumane.  Surely, Imam Mahdis team will not  fight any legitimate legislative  constitution.
When Partition of India was seeked at the departure stage  of British Empire, why Muslims didn’t ponder on or reflect on Gazwa e Hind prediction? Where is Bengal in relation to Gazwa e Hind prediction when Pakistan was Made?  Iran make sense, what about  Malaysia and Indonesia  by Asian Muslims in Gazwa e Hind?  Muslims should not play with Islam and scare or irritate Hindus or other non Muslims with  misunderstanding messages about Gazwa e Hind.  Gazwa e Hind will bring peace and there All human kind, good Muslims and good Human; (the non Muslims) will be secured into peace.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com