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Wisdom (Hikma) lacking in Muslims (continue). The Partition, Kashmir and manipulation. 


Fatema Miah:

About Kashmir political issue why Muslims convoluting it to misconception and making it a jihad? Haven’t these regional people played in politics with Islam in fooling world? Why they, (those want to live as only Muslims together or to be in Muslim only country under Muslims, to be ruled by Muslims) didn’t move to Pakistan by making sure they are in Muslim Jinnah named border line by asking if they weren’t sure where the line was?
Then later on, why they didn’t move to Pakistan territory to be withing Muslims line? They didn’t because, they didn’t like Pakistani central and western people and vise versa, neither they were willing to change to desired evolving world.  They adamantly stood a firm to their land, and why not, they do have right. The fight is therefore is for their right of land ownership or belonging, so it’s not a Islams land Vedic’s land, it is peoples land. Therefore it’s not a jihad. Where Palestine is a different issue with centre acclamation of scriptural revelation.
In Critical thinking, it was said Theological miracle cannot be compared with science inventions and medical science because clear reason in critical thinking is logic.  So, is it really the matter of Theology is out of logic? There is complexity of brain work; per it’s controlling to physical functioning as movement to sensations, also the psychology of abstract; the thinking and feelings. In theology it’s a simple matter of the creation of almighty, magic in another word. Certainly, It is amazing the creation is, undoubtedly.
Let’s apply logic and think how Kashmir and Palestine can be same?  Where people  came in to Kashmir to settle in by pushing out the Native local original people there in Kashmir like there in Jerusalem and west bank?  European people (the Jews) they shifted in and pushed out the local people there, and left them homeless deprived. Kashmir people faced political change because of Pakistani secret tactics of Pakistan making, Kashmiri Muslim people being left out of the division line,  they crying against India for Hate. They neither wished to leave their possession behind and moved in to Pakistan, where millions of others at the End Of British Indian  had to in both directions.  The division was a very poor and  unplanned sudden act, which is true that it caused disadvantages and suffering to many.
Since partition, Kashmir in India seeking attention. Muslims Majority having a saying there and for that article 370 and 35a implaced. What implaced in Bengal, or Assam for the Muslims there, or Tamil Nadu and others, didn’t they matter?  The focus of Pakistan making was made by Kashmir people, and  there in London by overriding original Pushtunistan demand they encouraged Afghani people to their support against the king Sing and Pakistan was thought about. The people didn’t go to Pakistan, because their love wasn’t for Pakistani those regional people, more their hate was against Hindus so they waited to see Hindus off their sight. Question is where have the Minority Hindus gone?  Have the Kashmiri Muslims brought the Hindus land off them?  To the Kashmiris creaming demands Nehru given into to shut them up, the 370 and 35a, Indian political reformation that was.  For the rest of the Muslims, in the continent and world, how was this an Islamic gain anyhow?
Arabs in prayers, had been crying for Muslims land Kashmir. I always questioned what is the hell that is, what! idiot Muslims call it a Jannah, in that sense, where is my land being a British Muslim?  When Kashmiri uprise against  Indian government, from other places Muslims scream and call it Muslims issue, when Muslims in Bangal and  Assam cry in suffering, oppressed and tortured by Indians they don’t call it Muslims issue, rather it’s made as migration issue, regional upsetting. There is a big problem in Muslims and greatest power in Kashmiri and Pakistanis saying, I wonder why?
People have right to voice for their favourite group of people against any government, organisation or even Indian government for Kashmiri rights, that’s politically correct and so is democracy. However, making Kashmir as a Jihad factor it isn’t logic neither wisdom. Moreover, the preachers brushing up with one brush, making it as same as Palestine, (Arakan and Uyghur) it is a bad politics and unwise. Kashmiri people are under pressure and are sad due to Indian political  decision and it is sad for us, and voices must be raised on the political and democratic rights, though to make it Jihad is as well as unwise it’s also manipulation and misleading.
certainty its not wise to compare with Rohingya issue. Where Rohingya issue is certainly a Jihad matter as it is a humanitarian matter, per it was an open ethnic cleansing of Muslims by hateful Buddhists, there rightly or wrongly Imran Khan of Pakistan did speak about to go on war against Myanmar for Rohingya Muslims and Bangladesh stoop up against Myanmar for such cruelty and sheltered Rohingya people.  Was Malayla Yousefzai anyhow a Jihad issue, or was it a rebellious female child challengingly faced radical rebellious gang? There Malala Yousafzai made world to dance across, and some Muslims so shamelessly preaching cry using words, Kuffars, Jihad, Earth heaven, and our Muslims, also Zakir Naik used word minority.
Should minority be allowed to oppress Majority or is the otheways round should be allowed?
Should peace and tranquillity be sort or Muslims against Non Muslims, or vise versa  politicise manipulation  must be played?
Wisdom against manipulation was thought in the last century per after Partition of India Muslims and Hindus from Asia came to UK to escape from misleading and mishandling of politics. My late uncle Olama Alhaj Gulzar Ali, actively participant of Muslim League who volunteered in British War WW for Sake of Muslim League seeking British support for the Bengali  Muslims, on returning back to Sylhet, found it became Pakistan, a Muslims country, by manipulating Muslim League. Swallowed bitter truth, he went to Karachi working for Muslim League, participating in Lahore resolution as responsible individual, though there in East Bengal in his Sylhet, Bala Gong, The lower middle and poorer Hindus remained and needed justice.
The misled of Mal-e- Ganimath my uncle argued that didn’t do justice to Hindus and he stood up against that, he called the Hindus ‘the Majlooms’. (Even I remember  many years later in 1981, he donated  some money and told my mother to give Pure veg food in special kept away brass dishes to a Hindu Brahman walked in,  they talked about injustice, word unity and the Brahman uttered word Akando Bharat). How many Muslims are there whom do use the word Majlooms about Bengali Hindus?  Wisdom and prudence only appears in (moha purush) the greatman, indeed by Allah, he was one, and a good and a true Muslim and so was his father.
Pakistan was made, he argued in Karachi, returned back to Sylhet. After 1952 he was upset and in uncertainty of destiny he decided to send his younger brother, my late father to UK in 1957. They were devout Muslims and known throughout lifetime.  In 60s to 70 his fellow  Muslim League companions of West Pakistan accused him  ‘anti’,  for siding kuffars the Hindus, he strongly shouted against the injustice against Hindus.  (And his late father, my grandfather  Alhaj Terab Ali also Olama and Muslim League member couldn’t foresee Bangalis to prosper under Pakistan).   My uncle was torned between his hard work and sacrifices  to Muslim League and his prudence of Justice to Hindus, though he chose the Justice. SubhanAllah.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com