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The Loyalty of Beyram Beg versus Adham Khan like deceptions (The Mughals) 

Fatema Miah:

The History;  often some chapters badly distorted; not only truth oppressed also  there has been attempts to alter or erase occurrnces of historical events. There are different angles to same chapters though one doesn’t necessarily falsify other, together they come in to make the account of the turning points. Overall, History calls up over and in different era, century to Millenium, to teach, to guide or demands for justice. Often Some Charrecters seem to be left out of lime light those are greater in History land marks.
Distorting History, has it began from British Empire for it’s desire to Digg in pole posts of British Individuals thats what has been done in the past century? And now waking up to pulling out the  pole posts what marked black shadow of shame to Britannia by the British imperialists. However, world was as such; people marked the posts where often shameful scars left because cruelty comes in with the word conquer.
Is ‘conquer’ a positive word? Conquest was a highly praising word in the past centuries and it was the influencing phrase for lads, specially for the  adultescence. It was the might wrestles. The winner is the King or emperor though not on his gut of might rather by the supporters, or the dedicated passionate and challenging brave individuals’ dedication, loyalty and sacrifices.  Satisfices sometimes praised and often not. Chapters more often not even written.
The Mughal Empire is reknown Land Mark of Hindustan (India). How would it not be? Hindustan, Bharat or the Todays one India is Mughals work. There were small regions, counties were ruled by individual rulers fighting among them and there vast majority people were kept at low level to live and die under kings’ order. Beyram Khan name deserves respect for the work for one diverse India.  It was Beyram khan then in 16th century said to child (Akbar) Mughal dynasty, Indian Brahmans are imprisoned in their own made up thoughts, when Akbar will be in power he should change the cast hate system in India.
The Mughals fame and name was repressed by British in imperial passion and attempted to distort the Indian History. (I have briefly mentioned in Article History then and  before). There Indian Hindus rose up to rewrite a History (against Muslims) as country of Hindu India, the Hindustan. Where was there a Hindu Country Hindustan, Bharat or India? It’s Mughal brought the states together into one and ruled as one Hindustan.  Then Britain found it ready and took off from the Muslims. During Mughal era, there were misuse and mistreatments also in the name of Mughal.
About the Muslims now in the continent raising voice claiming about Muslim History and Mughal.  Where the Mughal History, Titled as Mughal e Azm, what is displayed in a highlighted chapter of Shahjahan and Taj. In it, there is nothing much except for convolution of Taj Mahal making, Muslim men or Rulers womenise chapters were told in the past and last  century.  Where the truth about Mughal e Azm was indeed marked by Jalal Uddin Mohamed who was given the title ‘Akbar’, seems to  suit it. Though, in rulling there are, as always will be some positions and some beings with complain against, so was in the, and about the Akbar the greats time too.
What Muslims often forget the great work, throughout  contribution, dedication and sacrifices,  courages and  input of great qualities of leading, knighthood and knowledge for expansion, building,  and maintaining the Mughal reign. The Mughal period of expansion began and accelerated during 2nd and exceeded to its top highest pick point in the 3rd generation of 1st three generations. During the entire time, there this individual Beyram Beg stood firm with dedication for the Mughal prosperity. Beyrum Begg was awarded the finest Kohinoor Diamond by Babar, Zahir Uddin Mohammad, then title of Kha as khan was awarded by Nasir Uddin Humaun and Acknowledged with honour, Jalal Uddin Akbar officially address him as Khan Baba, the father figure.
About Muslim conquering and entering in Hindustan wasn’t great praise worthy positive pictures always. There were Muslims cruelty and disgraceful acts from some migrants, dominants, and traders. Simultaneously, there were tag of conflicts between Small kings of different regions. There were other Muslim power seeking rulers, like Sikandar Azm Sha and Sher Sha Suri Mughal Empire also defeated them on the way of it’s expansion  and rising up.
Mughal Empire was founder as a dynasty by Babar, Zahir Uddin Mohammad. Babar known to be was aggressive according to  Hindu statements. Eventually,  in his later days, after been unsuccessfully returned back to Timur few time before, may be when his rage cooled off from age and by experience wisdom grew, he eventually, managed to mark in India and founded the Mughal Dynasty. And his son Humaun, Nasir Uddin marked the stable rule in Agra and they began to expand. In this grand success there was Beyram Beg / Khan, The Key for Mughal success.
The sword of Beyram Khan must be addressed certainly, I won’t be wrong to say his sword flung across India  before Mughal Dynasty and chopped many heads off in empire running. This is not a pleasant part though was done as was norm during that time.)  Akbar the great was also made by Beyram khan. Beyram Khan (formerly Beg) was a complete skilled, well and highly educated, wise, politician, brave warrior, chief of commander and statesman, who trained,  nurtured and coached Akbar the great, Jalal Uddin Mohammed who was acknowledge with the title Akbar.  In doing all this, Beyram Khan sacrificed his entire lifetime, with passion and dedication for Mughal Dynasty, by risking his own life, and eventually he was assasinated for his dedication to Mughal dynasty.  Beyram khans passion for Mughal Dynasty to prosper in Hindustan was absolute selfless, he had no personal motive of any Kind in it.
On the other hand, there were Adham Khan and his mother Mahan Anga among many other conspirators against Beyram Khan. Beyram Khans true dedication and Wisdom always raised up and proved by itsself and his honesty always won even to the last day.  Mahan Anga played her motherly affection and always tried manipulation to control young mind of Jalal Uddin Mohammed (Akbar). Mahan Anga interfered often in Beyram Khans planned teaching and in lessons to Jalal Uddin Akbar.  By doing so Akbar remained illiterate despite Beyram Khans organised ways of learning  programmes for Akbar. Though, Beyram khans quality and wisdom  Akbar was influenced by and battle skills training Beyram Khan kept reinforced  to Akbar as must for survival.
At the fall of Beyram Khans sword, Mughal Empire began to shake together with Akbar’s inner strenght began to weakening. Adham Khans zeal ended up with punished to death after assassination of Beyram Khan by conspiracy.  Beyram Khan left his young son and wife  Salema to Akbar’s support. The actual Mughal e Azm was Akbar the great that’s when the Mughal empire reached to its pick point. After Akbar, his son  Salim Uddin Sha Jahan who was addressed as Mughal e Azm, Britain  portrayed him as he was shame of Mughal dynasty,  absolute disgrace to Islam and indecent to politics.
When Muslims talk about Mughals, about India and Muslims rule,  they  must recall and honour such dedicated, knowledgeable and loyal individual Beyram Khan for his attributions,  his loyalty and honesty must be held up always as the positive example.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com