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F R Chowdhury:


We have an Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to deal with corruption. Corruption does not mean monetary/ financial corruption alone; it also includes other forms of corruption. Nepotism and favouritism are also corruption. If the commission works in full force then corrupt officials should be scared of indulging in corruption. Country should be free of corruption. If there is no corruption then progress and prosperity can be achieved at much faster pace. Unfortunately our ACC is not that efficient. Those who indulge in corruption are simply not bothered about ACC’s meaningless presence. ACC may suffer from any of the three reasons outlined below or even a combination of reasons.

Lack of competence and expertise;

Lack of courage to investigate against those in powers or connected with powers;

ACC itself surrenders to corruption

People engaged in corruption never tell about it. It is for ACC to have ways and means to detect corruption and quietly gather sufficient evidence before bringing formal charges. It must work without being detected. People in service (private or public) or people in business take time to make money because it is so difficult. Nobody becomes rich overnight in normal process. But easy money comes through corruption and other illegal means. So, we know ACC has to look for those who make the easy money. What we say in Bengali: “Angul fulia kolagach”.

ACC got to have one intelligence unit working behind those engaged in major import-export. Because it is through over and under-invoicing that money is transferred abroad eventually to buy property abroad. So, ACC got to have another unit working on this matter.

Similarly units must be working on banks, insurance to keep an eye on major transactions. Why not look at the loans procured by directors of such banks. Units must be working on police, customs and port. A separate unit must monitor all that comes out in papers, radio and TV. A number of them deserve to be investigated to bring out the truth.

Despite all the short-comings our ACC has detected some cases and brought forward some of them to court. However, those caught are all from political parties other than the one in power. According to our ACC the party in power consist of all good people and as such there is no corruption now. They are catching those who were corrupt in past; (and that is why they are no more in power).

I shall now talk about those cases that everybody knows except the ACC. Almost every newspaper in the country flashed news of corruption in state owned Biman. Corruption has its presence in almost every branch of Biman. Investigation can reveal more about it. However, we all know about the biggest bungling in leasing/ hiring aircraft. These two useless aircraft (from Egypt Air) provided no service. The one-sided agreement had no provision to suspend hire payment for the period the aircraft not in service. I understand it was also very difficult to come out of the lease agreement. However, finally we got it over. By then we already lost millions. Some people got to be responsible for it. They must have done this for their personal fortune. Has ACC done anything about it? I know the PM has removed that minister who now appears to be president of the club operating casinos. The nation wants to know more about it. I request ACC to please investigate and expose the enemies of the country.

I shall start the second case from the statement of our present health minister. The minister had to admit that the Vitamin “A” capsules imported from India was sub-standard and that he had to order for no further use of those capsules. Here also the PM changed the minister. But was it enough? We want ACC to dig out the persons responsible and expose the real truth.

Another old incident the readers perhaps remember that ship-load of grain imported by the government were found not fit for human consumption. It was finally used as animal and poultry feed. The minister could not hold his position in next cabinet re-shuffle. But was it enough? Did the ACC find those responsible?

We cannot get rid of corruption with this ACC. They are short sighted and hard of hearing. They need glasses and hearing aids. Please give them more resources and remove corruption. Country cannot progress with legacy of corruption.

One final request to ACC. The cadet colleges are also known as public schools. They are funded by the poor people of the country. Will you please check and ensure that those from remote villages, with no political or military connection, also get a chance to study. Please do not talk about quota and deprive the already deprived people.

London, 23-October-2019.