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UK MP Rupa Huq crosses limit as criticising Bangladesh

UK MP Rupa Huq crosses limit as criticising Bangladesh

Dr Rupa Huq, a Bangladeshi origin lawmaker of British Parliament termed Awami League-led current Bangladesh a “rouge state” while she was sharply criticising its present human rights situation.
Labour party member Rupa Huq among four Bangladeshi origins British MP was elected from the Ealing Central and Acton constituency of London.

The British MP came up with such audacious observation on February 4 while speaking a programme held at the House of Commons organised by Labour Campaign for Human Rights.Besides, comparing Bangladesh situation with the political crisis in different countries of the world, she mentioned Kashmir and Palestine conflict.

However, not all but selective journalists of some specific media houses were invited to that programme, Tanvir Ahmed, London correspondent of a private television channel said in a live show over skype on Wednesday night (early Thursday).

Citing reports of rights agencies like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, she added, “By all indicators of human rights and civil rights measurement, Bangladesh is now a very oppressive state. The matter is very sad, secularism and even socialism were included in the country’s main constitution. But now it has become a very rigid and authoritative power system,” she said.

She also slammed Bangladesh government’s move of celebrating “Mujib Borsho”– the birth centenary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Rupa Huq also said that she was astonished by hearing about “Jatir Pita”, Father of the Nation.

“I do not accept this man (Sheikh Mujibur Rahman) as the Father of the Nation as you narrated,” Rupa Huq said.

She also delivered untrue information over political situation in Bangladesh. She said the Awami League present government sent all opposition men in prison. “At present it is not a normal country, it turned into a ‘Rouge Sate’ or similar like that.”Rupa Huq’s speech triggered huge criticism among the countrymen especially politicians, political analysts, social network users.

They said Rupa Huq violated the etiquette of bilateral relations between two friendly countries.