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Samsung Galaxy S20 vs Plus vs Ultra: 5G Smartphones with Terrific Camera Feature

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Samsung Galaxy S20 vs Plus vs Ultra

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S20 flagship can make you break up with your dearest Smartphone. Ending all the leaks and rumors, Samsung is releasing their awaited Galaxy Series flagship smartphones S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra on 6th March, 2020 in the USA. Though this trio share some common features, the Ultra model is the crackerjack of S20 line dominating with some advanced level features.

The Galaxy hot shot S20 Ultra will amaze you with its 6.9-inch AMOLED display, which outperforms Apple 11 Pro Max model’s 6.5-inch display. The S20 Ultra comes with a bigger appearance (76.0 x 166.9 x 8.8mm) with a bold look. This Ultra model weighs about 220g, which is quite bulkier than its Basic and Plus counterparts. However, it can be a deal breaker, if you are looking for a lightweight smartphone. The Ultra model also overpowers the other two S20 models with its 5000 mAh battery capacity. Samsung has launched several versions of the Ultra model depending on memory and storage capacity. Starting from 12 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage capacity, S20 Ultra maximizes at 16GB RAM and 512 GB space. Its storage capacity can be expandable up to 1TB. Another amazing feature of the Ultra model is its design and construction. If you want to buy a durable phone, go for the Ultra one. Samsung has built this elite model with stainless steel frame while for the other models (S20 and Plus) they have used aluminum frame. From ins and outs the S20 Ultra is the top grade smartphone in their S20 line up.

The Galaxy S20 Plus features a 6.7-inch AMOLED display. It is a noticeable improvement from the ancestor S10 plus model’s 6.4-inch screen. Unlike the Ultra model, the Plus comes with a manageable weight (186g). In terms of power storage capacity, the 4500mAh battery life of S20 Plus model surpasses iPhone 11 Pro’s 3046 mAh battery. The Plus model comes with 12 GB RAM which is certainly a big advantage compared with the rival iPhone 11 Pro’s 4GB memory. Depending on internal storage capacity, the S20 Plus comes in two versions starting from 128 GB. The highest storage capacity of Plus model reaches up to 512GB; whereas its predecessor S10 Plus offered 1TB space at maximum. However, at this point the S20 Plus model falls behind its forerunner S10 Plus model. But don’t worry! You can expand the memory of S20 Plus up to 1TB inserting an additional memory card.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Lineup

S20 is the basic model among the Galaxy S20 series. Its 6.2-inch AMOLED display offers comfortable user-experience. Like its Plus and Ultra counterparts the basic model is blessed with Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection. Considering appearance S20 is the smallest gadget among these trio flagships. Weighing 163g, the basic model appears lighter than its Plus and Ultra counterparts. The ancestor S10 offered 8GB RAM, which has been upgraded to 12 GB RAM in the descendant S20 model. Moreover, this basic model is provided with 128GB internal storage, which is fairly enough for regular use. Samsung has also enhanced the battery power of S20 up to 4000 mAh. Though this capacity is lesser than the other two S20 Flagships, it overpowers the 3400 mAh battery of ancestor S10.

These Galaxy S20 flagships are blessed with 5G network enabled technology. Samsung provides Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 (7 nm+) chipset with Adreno 650 graphic unit for these S20 trios released in the USA. But for other countries, these Galaxy hotshots are equipped with Exynos 990 (7 nm+) chipset with Mali-G77 MP11 GPU. Though both the USA and Global versions come with Octa-core processors, there are slight differences in their configurations. However, you won’t find any difference in terms of performance. Not to mention, Galaxy S20 series smartphones will provide robust performance in running the advanced level gaming software. Adding to these, you can download the latest apps and software utilizing the latest Android 10 OS of these S20 series flagships. What is more? The whole S20 line up feature 120Hz display which will make the surfing experience smoother and lag-free.

Now what makes the Samsung Galaxy S20 series exclusive from competitors? Hold your breath! Samsung has brought unprecedented improvement in the camera features of their S20 line up flagships. Both S20 basic and Plus models offer 12MP wide angle camera, which can do a good job in taking large sized photos. But the Ultra model steals the show with its ground-breaking 108MP wide angle camera. However, the Ultra model’s 48MP Telephoto camera falls behind its basic and Plus counterparts offering 64MP sensor each. Furthermore, each of these trios has 12MP ultra-wide camera. But the Plus and Ultra models are blessed with Time of Flight (ToF) features. This cutting edge technology can help you in taking the best possible shots in terms of quality and detailing. Both the S20 basic and Plus model have 10MP Selfie camera; while the Ultra model offers four times powerful (40MP) sensor. The Ultra model again takes the supremacy featuring up to 100x zooming capacity combining its Optical plus Digital zoom; whereas, the other two S20 models can deliver up to 30x zooming capacity. What is more? Doubling up the 4K video recording capacity of ancestor S10 line up, the trio S20 flagships can capture videos up to 8K resolution.  What else do you need?


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Samsung Galaxy S20, Plus and Ultra Price

Samsung Galaxy S20 is currently available at $999 (84,715 BDT Apx) for 12GB/128GB configuration. For the same storage capacity the S20 Plus model asks for $1199 (101,707 BDT Apx); whereas, it costs $1299 (110,190 BDT Apx) for 12GB/512GB version. Therefore, spending an extra $100 for S20 Plus, you can get quadruple internal storage.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra bears a sky rocketed price-tag which coincides with its top-notch features. The price starts from $1399 (118,604 BDT Apx) for the basic level configuration 12GB/128 GB storage. To enjoy immense storage capacity (16GB/512GB) you need to spend about $1700 (144,122 BDT Apx). Depending on your precise need you can choose the right model.

Disclaimer: The price levels have been converted from USD to BDT considering the current rate of currency ($1 equivalents to 84.77 BDT), which is subjected to change.