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Ensure job-oriented education, says President

President M Abdul Hamid asked all concerned, including university authorities, to ensure job-oriented education so that no educated unemployed manpower becomes the burden of the society.

The President, also the Chancellor of the University, came up with the directive as he opened the educational programme of ‘Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University, Kishoreganj’ at his native district on Saturday.

The Head of the State said there are many departments in country’s several universities, where education may be possible but employment opportunities are very limited.

He said the burden of the educated unemployed is much more difficult for the family and society than the uneducated and semi-educated unemployed, so special care should be taken that they don’t get admission in university just for getting certificate merely.

Hamid suggested authorities concerned to give importance to the reality and the future potentials of the students while opening new departments in the university.

The students also usually get admit to many departments without realizing fact of the competitive world and they must come out of this situation, the President added.

Chancellor Hamid called upon the local people to come forward to ensure a fair and congenial atmosphere for the education on the campus from the very beginning.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University, Kishoreganj, with the efforts of all concerned, should become the means of social development at haor region, he hoped.

Expressing his gratitude to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu, for her sincere efforts and guidelines in setting up the new university for betterment of the Haor people.

“A university is not a storehouse of acquired knowledge . . . It is an institution from which the future builders of the nation will emerge. New leadership will be developed”, noted President Hamid.

The Head of State urged everyone to work unitedly to nurture and patronize this new lighthouse of Kishoreganj.

“We want Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University, Kishoreganj, to be run with the educational curriculum taking into consideration the needs of the competitive world and employment opportunities,” the President added.

Noting that there has been a great development in Bhati area in the last 12/14 years in Kishoreganj, a district surrounded by haor, the President said, “Now we have to take care so that our children can do well in education.”

“Educated manpower is the public resource of the country -“, the head of state quoted Bangabandhu as saying.

He added, “I want the development of such practical education in Bangladesh, by which every citizen can develop himself according to the needs and demands of the country in days to come”.

The President told the students of the Kishoreganj that if they (students) don’t do well in the competitive examination, they would not be able to get admission in Kishoreganj University.

The President also urged parents and guardians to be sincere in ensuring that the boys and girls of the area can get admission in this university and play an effective role for the family and the country after their education.

He talked about taking special initiatives to improve the learning environment and quality in primary and secondary schools and colleges in the area.

“It must be remembered that infrastructural and institutional development is not enough to expand and improve the quality of education,” the President mentioned.

University Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. ZM Parvez Sajjad and Dr. Syed Zakia Noor Lipi, MP, among others, were present on the occasion.