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Uphold country’s image abroad, respect hosts’ laws: PM Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday asked the Bangladeshi expatriates to strictly abide by the laws of the host countries and send remittances through legal channels.

“It won’t be tolerated anymore if any person commits offenses (in host country) and thus tarnishes the country’s image,” she said while addressing a civic reception accorded to her at Bangladesh MHM School here in Doha, reports UNB.

The premier said her government has taken Bangladesh to a dignified position through round-the-clock hard work over the years and the image is being damaged due to criminal activities by a few people in foreign lands, which hampers the scope for sending more Bangladeshis abroad for overseas job.

“Bangladeshi expatriates must follow the existing laws and rules of the countries where they are staying. I have made it clear that we will not try to save those who will be engaged in criminal activities,” she said.

PM Hasina also asked the overseas job seekers to use the legal channels. “We have lost the scope of sending more people abroad,” she added.

She said if any Bangladeshi expatriate commits crime abroad the government will not shoulder its responsibility.

About remittance, the PM said, “Send remittances through the legal channels. We are providing 2.5 percent incentive (for sending remittance through banking channels).”