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Google doodle celebrates Bangladesh’s Independence Day

The world’s most popular search engine giant Google has created a doodle marking the 53rd Independence Day of Bangladesh.

Google marks many special occasions with customised doodles, has been changing its logo on the homepage to reflect the occasion since 1998.

The doodle, featuring the Bangladeshi flag, has been seen above the search box on the homepage of Google since 12am on Sunday.

By clicking on the doodle, one can visit a new page with information on Bangladesh’s independence.

It wished ‘Happy Independence Day, Bangladesh!

It also mentioned that “Today’s Doodle celebrates Bangladesh’s Independence Day. On this day in 1971, the South-Asian country declared its independence and officially became an independent nation later that same year”.

“Independence Day kicks off with a thirty-one gun salute to honor those who fought for Bangladesh’s freedom”.