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Anti-liberation forces want to turn Bangladesh into Pakistan: Razzaque

Agriculture Minister and Awami League (AL) Presidium Member Dr Md Abdur Razzaque said on Saturday the anti-liberation forces who want to turn Bangladesh into Pakistan are the agents of that country.

“In Bangladesh, BNP, anti-liberation forces, some intellectuals and some media said that Pakistan was good, there was no benefit in making Bangladesh independent. They are enemies of the country as well as agents of Pakistan,” he said.
The minister said these during the distribution of food items among the poor, distressed and helpless people on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan organized by Kadamtoli Thana Awami League at Jurain area here.

He said that Pakistan will need another 12 years to reach the current development-level of Bangladesh.

“So, to those who are saying that Pakistan was better, I want to say to them that you should read Pakistan’s newspapers and get information,” he added.
An egg in Pakistan now costs Taka 30 to 35, he said, adding that those people should find out how many people remain hungry in Pakistan.

Regarding elections and electronic voting machine (EVM), the minister said that the Election Commission (EC) decided to cancel EVMs in the elections.

“What will BNP say now? I think they would have applauded the decision. I want to tell BNP, you are wrong. You can never come to power by using arson terrorism and burning people alive in the name of movement,” he said.

“Your founder, Ziaur Rahman, came to power without elections,” he added.
Noting that the Election Commission is independent, Razzaque further said that it is their responsibility to make the election fair and impartial as people want election in free, fair and neutral manner from the commission.

“We don’t mind whether it is on ballot, EVM or whatever. We want to return to power through transparent, fair and impartial elections. If Awami League is defeated in neutral elections, we will accept that too,” he continued.

Calling on the leaders and activists of the party, the AL Presidium Member said that all party men should be prepared to prevent any kind of terrorism, brutality and demonization.

He urged them to cooperate the law enforcement to this end.

“You all should cooperate the EC. Insh Allah, Awami League will come back to power through a fair and beautiful election,” he said.