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If govt resigns, who will hold dialogue, Quader asks Fakhrul

Addressing BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Awami League (AL) general secretary Obaidul Quader on Saturday said, “If the government resigns, who will hold dialogue? Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir should give answer in this regard.”

“BNP demands holding dialogue after resignation of the government. They (BNP) are talking baseless and perplexed as the party has failed to wage movement,” Quader told a distribution function of Ifter items and Eid gifts on Siddhanta High School playground at Mirpur in the city.

Dhaka City North Awami League organized the distribution programme of Ifter items and Eid gifts.

AL organizing secretary Mirza Azam, among others, addressed the function with President of AL Dhaka City North unit Sheikh Bazlur Rahman in the chair.

The AL general secretary said BNP wants to foil election as the party knows that they will be defeated in the next general.

Mentioning the Election Commission as a neutral, he said the government would not interfere in the election. The government will resist any attempt to foil next parliamentary election with an iron hand, Quader added.

He said BNP is creating a suffering for people as the party is blocking roads in the name of movement during the month of Ramadan.

BNP is identified as arson attackers among the people, Quader said adding “Now, they (BNP) are talking about arson
virtually they are revealing their identity.”

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir repeatedly is speaking about fire incidents, the AL general secretary said, “It has created doubt that are they (BNP) involved with the fire incidents occurred in different areas in the city?”

He said, “BNP is holding sit-in programme
it is their movement. People do not accept such types of movement as it would not reflect desire and aspiration of people.”

“BNP is trying to meet foreign diplomats
. they are planning to complain to the United Nations but it has no authority to accept the complain,” he continued.

He said many foreign leaders come to Bangladesh and they meet with the government. But they (foreign leaders) do not meet with BNP, he also added.