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UK Bangla Reporters Unity calls to stand by the helpless people of the society in the holy month of Ramadan

London: Ramadan teaches us moderation. The best way to achieve self-purification is fasting. Everyone should preserve the sanctity of Ramadan; Abstaining from all forms of injustice, injustice, oppression, obscenity and wickedness, Keeping others away; Do not misbehave with anyone; To treat everyone with forgiveness and kindness; Inquiring about relatives and helping them, by doing which peace prevails among every person in the society. At the same time, everyone should stand by the helpless and deprived people of the society whether in the country or in the diaspora. Yesterday Saturday (8 April 2023) in the afternoon at a restaurant in East London, the speakers said these things at the iftar party organized by UK Bangla Reporters Unity. Speakers said we all should work for the welfare of humanity. President of UK Bangla Reporters Unity President of Veteran Journalist Matiar Chowdhury and General Muhammad Sajidur Rahman moderated the pre-iftar discussion among the guests – Councilor Iqbal Hossain of London Bara Tower Hamlets Council (Cabinet Member for Culture and Recreation) spoke. Poet Masuk Ibn Anis, cultural worker Amina Ali, London Bangla Press Club Assistant Treasurer Mohammad Abdul Qayyum, senior journalist London Bangla Press Club Senior Member Journalist Zakir Hossain Kaish, Bangladesh Expatriate Welfare Council Chairman Jahangir Khan, Chairman of 26th Television prominent politician Abdul Ahad Chowdhury, Former councilor Farooq Ahmed. Former President Ansar Ahmad Ullah, Founder President Principal Muhammad Shahed Rahman, Treasurer Muhammad Saleh Ahmad, EC Member Former Councilor Labor Leader Sonahar Ali and Jamal Khan participated in the discussion on behalf of the organizing organization UK Bangla Reporters Unity.Besides, Barrister Iqbal Hossain, Khaled Chowdhury, Shamim Ashraf, Publisher of Bangla Dialog Ansar Mia, Tajul Islam, Zuber Ali, Raich Mia, Saidul Islam Sunny, Abdul Basir and many others were also present in the Iftar party.