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‘US doesn’t endorse one political party vs another in Bangladesh’

While reiterating that any abuser of human rights should be held accountable, Principal Deputy Spokesperson at the US Department of State Vedant Patel has said, “Broadly, the U.S. supports the principle of free and fair elections in Bangladesh and around the world, but I’m not here to endorse one political candidate or party versus another.”

He was speaking at a regular briefing in Washington.

“It’s our immense hope that the Bangladesh government does look into the contents of this article and video (DW documentary on RAB),” Patel said.

He said as per their assessment, the Digital Security Act is “one of the world’s most draconian laws” for journalists.

World Press Freedom Index ranked Bangladesh 162 out of 180 countries, a drop of 10 places from the previous year, Patel said.

“And we have made our concerns about this law quite clear. A free press and an informed citizenry are key for any nation and its democratic future,” he said.

The US Embassy in Dhaka shared updates on the briefing on Tuesday.

Petal said they want to and are looking forward to deepening their relationship with Bangladesh.

That’s why, he said, Secretary Blinken met Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen.

“We, again, are looking forward to deepening our relationship with Bangladesh as a whole,” he added.