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Campaign in East London to demand Eid holiday in UK

Muhammed Shahed Rahman :


In front of Tower Hamlets new Town hall Whitechapel, people from curry industry and other professions stood with placards in their hands to demand Eid holiday in the UK on the two Muslim Eid. 
Seeing that, many more consumers and conscious citizens of the community joined in the demand of Eid holiday.

On Tuesday (18 April 2023) in front of Whitechapel Station near Tower Hamlet New Town Hall, Bayanna Bangla TV and Potrika organized a campaign under the slogan “Eid Holiday Chai” with the aim of making demands through proper authorities. 
Journalists Rahmat Ali, Chowdhury Murad, Saju Ahmed, Rezaul Karim Mridha, Abdul Hannan, and many others appeared in solidarity.

The speakers in the said campaign said that restaurant business is an integral part of the life of British-Bangladeshis in the United Kingdom. Muslims working in this industry do not get annual leave during Eid.Or those who are working in other sectors, are playing a unique role in the development of the country from their respective workplaces. Especially the working men and women of the Muslim society cannot spend time with their families during the two Eids a year. Because during Eid, the authorities of those other sectors, including the kari industry, do not grant leave to the employees, and keep the business establishments open. Muslim officials of other sectors including chefs, waiters, managers have to go to work hiding the joy of Eid in their hearts.

The speaker also said that enjoying the joy with the family during the Eid holiday is also an act of worship. It is a human right, a human right to have a holiday during Eid. Depriving someone of this joy is undemocratic and mental oppression.

One of the campaigners of Eid holiday – 52 Bangla TV editor Anwarul Islam Abhi said – it is the demand of the time to universally give Eid holiday to Muslims on two Eid days in the UK. 
We have continued the campaign, talking to curry industry leaders. Communication with appropriate authorities is ongoing. I hope the benefits will come.