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Nine killed, 11 injured in gas leak in India’s Punjab

Nine people died and 11 have been hospitalized after a gas leak in a factory at Ludhiana in the northern Indian state of Punjab on Sunday.

Five to six individuals have lost consciousness and have been swiftly transported to a medical facility, according to ANI. A rescue team has been deployed to the area and a team of medical professionals along with ambulances have been called to the site.

Swati, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Ludhiana West, has confirmed that the incident is indeed a case of gas leak. According to her statement, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team is currently present at the site to help evacuate the affected individuals and carry out necessary rescue operations.

She further stated that the incident has resulted in the unfortunate death of nine people, while eleven others have fallen ill.

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Bhagwant Mann, has expressed sorrow over the occurrence of the gas leak incident in Ludhiana. He has stated that the police, administration and NDRF teams are currently present at the location of the incident, and all possible assistance is being provided to those affected.

As per the preliminary information shared by the local media, the Goyal Milk Plant, a dairy product manufacturing facility, has encountered a gas leak caused by its cooling system. As a consequence, nearby residents have apparently lost consciousness within their houses, and it is presently deemed hazardous for individuals to enter the affected zone.

People within a 300-meter range of the gas leakage are finding it hard to breathe, resulting in the evacuation of the area. Police and civil administration personnel are present at the location to offer aid and support. Social organisations’ ambulances have also reached the site to help relocate the affected individuals.