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Kulaura Muslims offer special prayer for rain

At the end of Baisakh, there is still no rain and hailstorm. Prolonged drought everywhere. There is a cry for rain all around. Cropland has dried up. As a result, there is a fear of disruption of Aush Abad. In this situation, Istiska prayers and special prayers have been organized for rain in Tatriuli village of Karmadha Union of Kulaura, Moulvibazar.

On Saturday (May 13) around 10 o’clock in the morning, scholars and devout Muslims offered this prayer in the field adjacent to Hyderganj Mosque.

Principal of Hyderganj Title Madrasa Shaikh Maulana Zafar Ahmad led the special prayer and supplication. Hundreds of devout people participated in Salatul Istiskaar prayers for rain.

The worshipers who participated in the prayers said that the fields and agricultural land are drying up due to heavy rains and lack of rain. Farmers are worried about fruit production due to severe drought. People are tired in summer.

After the prayer, Zainal Mia, a farmer of Tatriuli village said, “Our crops are getting ruined due to continuous drought. People’s life is becoming unbearable in intense heat. We prayed to Almighty Allah for rain.

Machaddar Ali of the same village said, we cannot go to work because of the heat. I am a day laborer. Working outside in extreme heat is very difficult.

Maulana Zafar Ahmad, who conducted prayers and prayers, said that the rainy season is going on now. But because there is no rain, the lamentation is going on. The land cannot be plowed. We prayed to Almighty Allah for rain. This prayer and supplication is done to show obedience to Allah Almighty. May Allah send mercy, this is our wish.