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Nazrul Jayanti ‘Jinge Phul’ organized by Nazrul Parishad UK in London


Bangla Mirror Desk :

Nazrul Jayanti ‘Jinge Phul’ was organized by Nazrul Parishad UK on the 27th of may at Brady Art Center East London.
The program was introduced by Dr Mohammad Nurul Alam’s welcome speech.
Pandit Chiranjeev Chakraborty, Farzana Sifat Sapna, Akash Sultan, Chanchu Dev Gupta Joyita, Sharmistha Guha, Sadia Afroz Chowdhury performed music under the direction of popular music artist Sadia Afroz Chowdhury and under the direction of Sheikh Naz and Tanzina Noor-e Siddiqui.
Arunima Kumar and Aishwarya Gupta performed the dance.
Poems were recited by Urmi Mazhar, Sumana Bhattacharya, Manas Chowdhury, Tanmaya Tania.
Ustad Yusuf Ali Khan, Parag Hasan, Hasan Ahmed, Mayukhjit Chakraborty assisted in the musical instruments.
Child artists Chiara Das, Uday Das, Ahana Bhowmik, Ayanti Bhowmik of Sarathi Arts performed music on the occasion.
Samsul Zaki Swapan was in sound. Mithu Azad was in lighting.
Different aspects of national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam’s struggling life and unique creations have come out in song, dance and poetry.
This is a different attempt to present the diverse life of Kazi Nazrul Islam in different ways.
This unique event gets another dimension with the gathering of musicians and Nazrul lovers from different walks of life.