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Heavy rain in Sylhet!

Sylhet is flooded once again after the rains of Jaishtha. Water overflows the roads and enters people’s homes and businesses. This is causing great suffering to the city dwellers.

Today, Wednesday (June 14), Sylhet was submerged in heavy rain for several hours.

It has been reported that due to heavy rain, the roads of various areas including Barutkhana, Hawapara, Rajargali, Jalalabad, Jatarpur, Rhamarpar, Bhatalia, Jallarpar, Taltala, Chowhatta, Subidbazar have been submerged. In many areas, knee-deep water accumulates on the roads. Water overflows the roads and enters people’s houses. Water also entered many businesses. People living in low-lying areas were particularly suffering.

Not only the water has entered, but the water mixed with the garbage of the drain has entered the houses of many people.

Amin, a resident of the city’s Jalalabad area, said, ‘There is no use in talking about this suffering. We live on the ground floor of the house. Panic when it rains. Water has entered the house even today. We are harassed by dragging things.

The city dwellers have to suffer due to the waterlogged roads. Iqbal Mia of Subidbazar went to office in the morning. But after waiting for a long time without getting a vehicle on the flooded road, he returned home.