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SCC elections : Vehicular restriction on June 20

Sylhet City Corporation election will be held on June 21. The Road Transport and Highways Department has announced to impose a ban on the movement of vehicles in the electoral area from June 19 today for voting on the occasion of the election.

Sunday (June 18) Assistant Secretary of Road Transport and Highway Department. This was informed in a notification signed by Jasim Uddin.

According to the notification, on the occasion of the election, in accordance with section 32 of the Road Transport Act 2018, a ban on the movement of trucks, pickups and easy bikes should be imposed from the previous midnight of the day i.e. midnight (12 o’clock) on June 20 to midnight (12 o’clock) on June 21. . At the same time, there will be a ban on the movement of motorcycles from June 19 midnight to June 22 midnight.

It is further stated that this restriction is relaxable in the case of contesting candidates or their election agents, domestic and foreign observers (provided they have identity cards) subject to the permission of the Returning Officer. Moreover, domestic and foreign journalists engaged in election news gathering (must have identity card), election officials, law enforcement officers, valid election inspectors and some emergency services such as ambulance, fire service, electricity, post, telecommunications, etc. The said prohibition shall not apply to the movement of said vehicles for use in the activities. Besides, the relevant authorities can relax such restrictions for national highways, ports and other urgent needs including supply of emergency goods.

The concerned Deputy Commissioner is hereby empowered to impose restrictions on the movement of the said vehicles as per the mentioned schedule. The Ministry of Home Affairs will take necessary measures to properly enforce this ban and display traffic signs for public awareness if necessary. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and local authorities where necessary will take necessary measures to publicize the ban.