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Central Hospital responsible for mother, child tragedy: Dr Sangjukta

Dr Sangjukta Saha has blamed the authorities of Central Hospital regarding the death of Mahbuba Akter Akhi and her newborn. She denied any responsibility for the tragedy just after a day the hospital authority accused her of neglecting her duty over Ankhi’s treatment.

The patient, Mahbuba Rahman Akhi, was admitted and treated without her knowledge, said Dr Sanjukta during a press conference organised at her residence in Paribagh of the capital on Tuesday.

The authorities also spoke “falsely” about her presence at the hospital, she claimed. “I was not in Bangladesh during Mahbuba’s operation. How could I be responsible if I was not there? The responsibility is totally the hospital’s.”

Akhi was not her regular patient, she added.

“Why did the hospital admit a patient under the supervision of a person who was not in the country? Who is responsible for that? If I don’t perform the operation, why did they admit her under my name? It’s definitely an illegal act.”

“There is a media trial against me over the death incident. I call upon everyone to stand against this empire of irregularities,” said the doctor.

“To cover up the real incident and hide their faults, the vested quarters are using all means and are always busy misleading people of the country with false information,” she said.

on 14 June, Akhi’s family members alleged that Central Hospital deceived them by saying gynaecologist Sangjukta Saha was present during the delivery of Akhi’s child, leading to the newborn’s death and major injuries to the mother. Akhi also died while undergoing treatment at the capital’s LabAid Hospital on 18 June.