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AL president thinks she is no more in power: Fakhrul

Awami League president Sheikh Hasina has lost her self-confidence, said BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Wednesday (June 28).

He said: “Sheikh Hasina’s self-confidence has reached at such a level that she thinks she is no more in power. This is not my remark, rather it is the remark of Awami League president herself.”

Mirza Fakhrul was sharing opinions with journalists at Thakurgaon District BNP office on Wednesday afternoon.

The BNP Secretary General was responding to the questions of journalists when he was asked how much BNP would be able to strengthen its anti-government movement after Eid-ul-Azha as there is a prediction that Awami League might come back to power again.

Mirza Fakhrul asked what did she (Awami League president) say? After returning to the country from the United States, she said an effort was going on to remove her from power. Then she said she would be able to cling to power if she handed over Saint Martin’s Island [to the United States]. “So, she (Sheikh Hasina) wants to say that she will not be able to remain in power as she will not hand over Saint Martin’s Island to the United States. What does it mean?”

“The Awami League chief’s self-confidence has reached at such a level that she now understands that she is no more in power. People of this country don’t want to see her in power anymore. They think that Awami League should hold a free, fair and impartial election resigning from power.”

“We don’t insists people to bring BNP to power voting their candidates in the next general elections. Allow people to elect their representatives through voting. It is people’s fundamental right. They should be allowed to exercise their voting rights. BNP has been continuing its movement to unseat this government from power with people on the streets,” he said.