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Foreingers remark on country’s internal matters unwarranted: Momen

Foreign minister AK Abdul Momen speaks at an event at Shilpakala Academy in Sylhet on 21 July

The foreigners (diplomats) think themselves king of this country as local media gives them undue importance, said foreign minister AK Abdul Momen on Friday.

“The foreigners’ comments on our country’s internal affairs are unwarranted. People often get killed abroad, but we don’t make any fuss on those incidents. Our media gives them undue importance which they enjoy. This gives them a feeling that they are the kings of this country and that’s why they make comments about everything,” Momen told journalists after an event at Shilpakala Academy in Sylhet.

He said no country made any remark despite the death of around 40 people centring the local election in India’s West Bengal but they start screaming about any petty incident here in Bangladesh.

He said the remarks of the foreigners are tantamount to meddling in Bangladesh’s internal affairs which is not supported by the Geneva Convention.

“We would hope that those activist-diplomats would not interfere in our internal affairs in future,” Momen added.

Momen further said he never saw the United Nations, diplomats in groups or activist-diplomats issuing any statement while people get killed in other countries.

The foreign minister said police never obstruct any demonstration of opposition.

“When BNP damages public and private properties, it becomes the police’s responsibility to protect those and I will do that. It’s the duty of the government. Have you seen how police torture in England? And Amnesty International now speaks! You have seen how police kill by strangling in America. Our police are very tolerant. One or two cases could be different. But they follow the rules.”

He asked journalists not to care too much about foreigners and ask them what police do in their respective countries.