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Tips on designing a new home and a new lifestyle

Designing a home is about decorating a space and tailoring an environment that inspires growth.

Here are tips to design a new home and also a new lifestyle:

Integrate Fashion With Function: A house becomes a home when it adorns the attire of comfort. Uttamaditya suggests weaving the threads of aesthetics into the fabric of functionality. He advises opting for furniture that not only pleases the eye but also, and most importantly, serves the purpose it is meant for.

Palette Talk: To transform the look and feel of a space, he emphasizes the power of colour. A well-thought-out colour scheme appropriate for the designated space can open conversations, trigger emotions and significantly elevate the ambiance.

Indulge In Personal Artifacts: Personal touches make a home truly yours. Displaying artifacts, family photos, paintings or anything that narrates your story adds to the warmth and familiarity of the space.

Design your Mornings and Nights: The start and end of your day determine your overall rhythm. He urged setting routines that motivate you in the morning and rituals that coax relaxation at night.

Space for Unwinding: In our whirlwind lives, moments of pause are often neglected. Dedicate a niche in your living space for ‘me-time’. It could be a cozy reading corner, a mini garden or a zen den for meditation.

Discover a Hobby Home: A hobby not only fuels creativity but keeps you mentally elastic. Explore and experiment until you stumble upon an activity that gives you joy. Then make room for it – physically in your home and metaphorically in your life.

Source: Hindustan Times