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Dr Kamal expresses doubts that next election will be free and fair

Gonoforum president Dr Kamal Hossain has expressed doubts that the next parliamentary election will be free, fair and impartial.

“We are afraid that the upcoming national election will not be fair and neutral. People must become united so that election is held under a fair, fair and impartial manner,” he said.

In this regarad, he also called upon the government to start dialogues with all political parties as early as possible to ensure the upcoming national election free, fair, and participatory one.

He was speaking at a discussion organised by Gonoforum on the occasion of its 30th founding anniversary at the National Press Club in the capital.

Dr Kamal said the people are extremely anxious about the next election as the 2014 one-sided election was held without voters and the 2018 election held at night.

The Gonoforum president said, “I urge the government sit down with all political parties for dialogues to immediately to ensure the upcoming national election free, fair, impartial, and participatory one.

Dr Kamal placed a six-point demand, including the next election under a non-party election-time government through discussions with political parties to overcome the ongoing crisis, and reconstitution of the Election Commission.

The party’s general secretary Mizanur Rahman read out the demands.

The demands are: (1) formation of a neutral polls-time caretaker government through dialogue with all political parties for holding a free, fair and participatory election; (2) reconstitution of the Election Commission with credible persons; (3) ensuring freedom of speech, freedom of the press, electronic media, social media, as well as freedom of political parties to hold rallies and gatherings and not to prevent them from playing a neutral role ahead of election; (4) polls-time government must ensure level playing field in election; (5) withdrawal of false and repressive cases against leaders and activists of the opposition immediately, and (6) ensuring appointment of local and foreign observers to ensure transparency in the election.

Dr Kamal also conveyed greetings to the countrymen on the occasion of the 30th founding anniversary of the party.

He said, “Let’s work together for national unity so that we can achieve our goal unitedly.”