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Train runs on Bhanga-Mawa route thru’ Padma Bridge at 120kmph speed

A trial train ran four times from Bhanga in Faridpur to Mawa in Munshiganj crossing the Padma Bridge on Friday.

The train commenced its journey from Bhanga to Mawa at 7:30am. The train travelled on the route four times, gradually increasing its speed.

Bangladesh Railway sources said on its first run, the trial train departed the Bhanga station in Faridpur district and reached the Mawa station in Munshiganj district at 9:00am, maintaining a speed limit of 60 kilometres per hour.

It then left the Mawa station for Bhanga again at 9:30am raising the speed limit to 80 kilometres per hour.

At 10:40am, the train departed the Bhanga station for Mawa station, accelerating the speed to 100 kilometres per hour.

Finally, at 11:30am, the train left Mawa station for Bhanga station, raising the speed up to 120 kilometres per hour.

The train will be run in such a manner for the two consecutive days.

Brigadier Saeed Ahmed, project manager of the Mawa-Bhanga section of the Padma Bridge Rail Link Project, said, “We have conducted trial run of the train at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour for the first time creating history. Bangladesh has entered the world of a new speed.

Earlier on September 7 last, a train reached Bhanga in Faridpur travelling from Kamlapur station in Dhaka crossing the Padma Bridge for the first time.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will officially inaugurate train services on the Dhaka-Bhanga route on October 10.

The Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sunjan said after the inauguration by the Prime Minister on October 10 next, the long-desired dream of the people of 21 districts of the southwestern region of the country to travel to and from Dhaka by train will be fulfilled.