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Today’s lowest temperature recorded in Sreemangal

Sreemangal in Moulvibazar district has experienced today’s lowest temperature at 9.7 degrees Celsius, indicating a mild cold wave impacting several regions across Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) anticipates this cold wave to persist.

The weather bulletin highlighted the contrasting temperatures across the country, with Sreemangal witnessing the lowest, while Cox’s Bazar reported the highest at 24.5°C.

According to meteorological standards, temperatures ranging from 8 to 10 degrees Celsius signify a mild cold wave, 6 to 8 degrees Celsius a moderate one, and below 6 degrees Celsius a severe cold wave.

Moreover, moderate to thick fog is expected to envelop the country from midnight to morning, possibly extending until noon in some areas. This foggy condition is likely to disrupt air navigation, inland river transport, and road communication temporarily.

The weather forecast suggests dry conditions with temporary partly cloudy skies across the country, with no significant change in night and day temperatures expected.

The cold wave’s impact is palpable among the populace, with Dhaka residents and others feeling winter’s bite more acutely in recent days.

The northern regions are experiencing even harsher conditions, where the intense cold has significantly hampered daily activities. Vulnerable groups, particularly day laborers, children, and the elderly, are the most affected by the severe cold.

In summary, Bangladesh is currently facing a challenging winter, with lower temperatures affecting daily life and transportation across various regions.