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Onion price rises again, garlic declines

In a span of a week, price of garlic has fallen by Tk 20 a kg at Fulbari in Dinajpur district.

On the other hand, price of onion has started rising again. The local variety of onion is being sold at Tk 10 more per kg compared to the last week.

Visiting Fulbari’s wholesale and retail vegetables markets on Tuesday (February 6), this correspondent found that the prices of all varieties of garlic had declined. China variety of garlic is being sold at Tk 240 a kg while local variety is being sold at Tk 260 per kg. Two days ago, China variety of garlic was sold at Tk 260 per kg, while local variety at Tk 280 per kg. It means that the price of garlic has gone down by Tk 20 per kg.

On the other hand, local variety of onion is being sold at Tk 80 per kg though it was sold at Tk 70 per kg just two days ago at the retail market here. So, the price of onion has gone up by Tk 10 per kg.

One Sumon Halder who came to municipal market to buy garlic, said he bought China variety of garlic at Tk 260 a kg last week. But, he has bought one and a half kilograms of garlic as the price has fallen. “It could have been better if the prices of all essentials have gone down in such a manner,” he said.

Trader Harun-ur-Rashid who sells garlic and onion at municipal market, said retail traders buy onion at Tk 75-76 per kg from the wholesale market and then sell at Tk 80 a kg in the retail market. Onion price has increased as import has declined. However, if the onion is imported from India constantly, price would come down at Tk 25-30 per kg.

Contacted, Fulbari upazila nirbahi officer (UNO) Mir Md Al Kamal Tomal said both the retail and wholesale markets are being monitored regularly. “If anyone increases the price of any good illogically, action will be taken against him through mobile court,” he said.