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Women now empowered in Bangladesh: PM Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said more than 1550 women seeking to enter the parliament in reserve seats reflect that women’s awakening has occurred in Bangladesh.

“When we see 1,553 women are hopefuls for only 48 reserved seats we can conclude that women’s awakening has occurred in Bangladesh,” she said, reports UNB.

The premier made this remark while addressing a meeting with the women aspiring for Awami League’s nomination to run for the parliament reserve seats at Ganabhaban this morning.

She said women are now successfully working and proving their competence in every sector.

“Wherever we send women, they all work successfully…. Our women are showing their competence,” said Hasina, also the president of Bangladesh Awami League.

Citing the success of women in sports and other sectors, she said, “There is no logic to create various barriers for women.”

She said it is irrational that women can’t join sports, business and jobs as it was a woman( Khadijah) not a man who had first accepted Islam.

The premier said Bibi Khadijah had been a businesswoman and she had supported Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM) with all her money and assets to preach and spread Islam.

Noting that Islam has given enough rights to women, even transgender community, she said, “There is no scope to neglect women. We’re very conscious in this regard. Today no woman of Bangladesh upto the rural level doesn’t lag behind.”

The prime minister expressed her optimism that the larger number of women would come up through a direct vote in future in Bangladesh.

There are 350 seats in parliament, including 50 reserved for women.