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Southampton head disgusted by state of food at his own school

A head teacher has asked “how difficult is it to bake a potato?” in a despairing letter to parents about the state of food at his own school.

Jason Ashley, head of Redbridge Community School in Southampton, said meals served in its canteen were “completely unacceptable”.

He blamed caterers Chartwells for the issues and said he had no control over what was on offer to pupils.

The company has been approached for comment.

Mr Ashley’s letter to parents, along with pictures showing some of the food, has been widely shared on social media.

“If my own children were served it I would be exceptionally unhappy,” he wrote.

The head, who has also complained portion sizes have been getting smaller while prices rising, said several meetings had been held with the private catering company to try and improve the situation.

“We have concluded with our photo evidence that Chartwells seem to be unable to bake a potato … I keep asking myself, ‘how difficult is it to bake a potato? – answers on a postcard’,” he said.

Mr Ashley also highlighted a pie served during British Pie Week earlier this month which he said was “of extremely poor quality”.

He added he was “angry and disappointed” at the provision of meals and apologised to parents of the foundation school.

“For many of our students, a school meal is so important to them but I can no longer tolerate, provide reasons or even justify to you the unacceptable nature of the food,” he said.