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BNP wanted to bring anarchy in the country but failed: Hasan Mahmud

Foreign Minister and Awami League joint general secretary Hasan Mahmud on Friday BNP wanted to invite anarchy in the country and to make that happen they announced to foil the last national election but failed.

“This political evil force has repeatedly tried to destroy democracy in the country. BNP had announced to resist the last election in that plot, but failed and fell from the peak of daydreams and is now walking, distributing leaflets,” he said, reports UNB.

Hasan warned BNP and said, “You walk, run but people will give you a proper lesson if you try to burn people again.”

The AL leader made the remarks in the context of the ongoing politics while speaking at a discussion organized by the Bangladesh Swadhinata Parishad on the occasion of the 104th birth anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at Jatiya Press Club.

Hasan said, “When Bangabandhu was leading the war-torn country at a growth rate of 9.5 percent after independence, the evil forces that created the background for the assassination of Bangabandhu, involved in murder, opposed not only Bangabandhu but also independence, the continuous evil forces of that evil power are now trying to ruin the development of the country. They remain engaged in a conspiracy to take the country backward. They openly chanted slogans like ‘Take Back Bangladesh’ to take the country backward.”

He said some individuals are also associated with this evil force who spread false propaganda that the country is poor in front of the world and take various awards.

“With due respect to Dr Yunus, I want to say that he has no concern about the sufferings of the country’s people. When there is a flood in the country, he is not available. When people are burned in the country, he is not available to speak. When there is a disaster in the country, Dr Yunus is found busy receiving awards abroad,” Hasan said.

He said Dr Yunus’s lobbyist firm contacts all the award giving organizations in different parts of the world and brings awards while he is not in the service of the country. “This is very ridiculous.”

State Minister for Culture Nahid Izhar Khan and Awami League central committee member Advocate Balaram Poddar spoke at the discussion as special guests.

Nahid Khan briefly highlighted the supreme self-sacrificing life of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

At the end of the discussion, prayers were offered for the peace of the souls of Bangabandhu and all the martyrs and the welfare of the country and the people.