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BishwoRang’s Tribal Boishakh attire

Every year, to welcome Pohela Boishakh with festivities, colours and new clothes.

However, this year, due to Ramadans religious solemnity, Pohela Boishakh may not be celebrated in its truest style. Even then, the essence of this day will prevail in our lives, minds and culture.

Believing in uniqueness, BishwoRang buyers have taken innovative and exceptional initiatives like every other time in an effort to add a unique dimension to the festive joy of the common people.

“BishwoRang” clothing stands for innovation and traditional elegance and proud presentation.

Biplob Saha, fashion designer , said, “The indigenous communitys hand-made clothes are almost disappearing day by day, so this years BishwoRangs Boishakhi collections are only an intention to bring the indigenous creativity to our civic life.”

“To add an extra dimension to the colours of the Boishakh festival like every year, comfortable fabrics are used keeping in mind the weather of the country, the use of colours and contrast colours as well as colours and the moderate use of matured tone is noticeable,” he added.