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Early harvest of Boro starts in Habiganj

Every year, farmers become anxious about Boro paddy in haor areas of the district due to flooding in the beginning of Baishakh.

Local farmers’ hopes for Boro crop are shattered by global climate change.

In this climate situation, the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) has developed a new variety of rice.

Their new varieties are BRRI-67, BRRI-84, BRRI-88, BRRI-96 and BRRI-100.

The farmers of Ghungiajuri Haor have benefitted from the short-lived paddy varieties developed by the BRRI.

Farmers say that they can harvest BRRI-88, BRRI-67 and BRRI-96 varieties at the scheduled time.

The yield is 20-22 mounds per bigha, they added.

Dr Abu Sayed, senior scientific officer of the BRRI in Habiganj regional office, said farmers will get a higher price if they sell the rice now.

This year, Boro rice has been cultivated on 122,825 hectares of land in the district.

Of the total land, about 32,000 hectares have been brought under the short-lived new varieties of Boro rice.