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Want to deepen ties with US to combat climate change: Saber

The United States wants to help Bangladesh fight climate change, and Bangladesh in turn wants to deepen its relations with the US through this fight, Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Saber Hossain Chowdhury said on Wednesday, reports UNB.

The bilateral relations between Bangladesh and the United States will be strengthened in the coming days based on the initiatives related to the environment and climate, he said.

The minister was speaking after a meeting with a 7-member delegation led by US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Donald Lu at the secretariat on Wednesday.

The environment minister said the US plans to offer real-time satellite data for South Asia for free which will be able to monitor the effects of climate change such as natural disasters, floods, pollution, and sea level rise.

“We sought financial assistance for capacity building, smart agriculture and advancement of green and climate technologies,” he said.

“A bilateral working group will be established for these purposes. Further discussions will be held on project implementation to ensure the welfare of marginalized people,” he added.

The Environment Minister said how the US will help us with climate change was discussed.

Expressing his optimism, Chowdhury said that they will keep our needs in mind in the US plan. He said the discussion emphasized the importance of cooperative efforts to ensure sustainable development as well as tackling environmental and climate change. The United States reiterated its commitment to work together to combat climate change, he said.

Other members of the US delegation include US Ambassador to Bangladesh Peter D. Haas, Chief of Staff, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs Nate Haft, Sarah Aldrich, Arturo Hine (Political Counsellor), Sherin Fitzgerald, Chief of the Political Unit of the US Embassy in Dhaka and Mathew Beh, Political Officer of the US Embassy in Dhaka, also attended.