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Missing MP Anwarul’s body recovered from Kolkata flat, 2 held

Jhenidah-4 constituency MP Anwarul Azim Anar, who went missing on May 13 after going  to India, has been found dead in Kolkata.

Kolkata police recovered his body from a flat in New Town area on Wednesday (22 May).

They also arrested two persons from the scene, a deputy police commissioner of Kolkata police confirmed this.

Azim was the AL lawmaker from the Jhenidah-4 constituency.

MP Anwarul Azim, who is a resident of the Nischintapur village in Kaliganj upazila of Jhenidah, went to West Bengal of India on 12 May. He went out to see a physician the next day and did not return. Later, a local person named Gopal Biswas filed a general diary (GD) with the Baranagar police station over this.

He mentioned in the GD that he has had family relations with Anwarul Azim for 25 years. Anwarul reached his house in the Mandalpara lane of Kolkata around 7pm local time. He came to Kolkata for medical check-up. The next day (May 13) Anwarul Azim went out to visit a doctor around 2pm. He told Gopal Biswas that he would have lunch outside. He had said he would return in the evening.

The lawmaker didn’t return to Gopal Biswas’s home that evening. Later, a text was sent to Gopal from Anwarul’s WhatsApp saying he was going to Delhi for a special task. He would call Gopal upon reaching there and no need to call him, according to the GD.

Later, on May 15 at 11:21am, Gopal received another text on his WhatsApp from Anwarul’s number which stated, “I have reached. I am with the VIPs. There is no need to call me.”

The same text was sent from Anwarul’s number to his family members and his personal secretary also. However, on May 16, Anwarul called his personal secretary Abdur Rauf, but he missed the call. Later, he called Anwarul Azim several times. But there was no response.

The next day Anwarul’s daughter called Gopal Biswas and said she could not contact his father.