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British-Bangladeshi politician Wais Islam to fight Labor leader in Camden and St. Pancras constituencies.

Bangla Mirror Desk:


British-Bangladeshi politician Wais Islam has announced that he will be elected as an independent candidate in London’s Camden and St. Pancras constituencies in the British national election to be held on July 4. He will fight against Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer in this seat. Basically, he is a candidate for this election to challenge the position of the Labor leader in favor of the Israeli aggression in Gaza and the killing of thousands of people.

He made this announcement in a press conference organized at the London Bangla Press Club on Monday, May 27 and sought the cooperation and advice of all the community in the election.

The press conference was attended by Camden Community Leader and Palestine Solidarity Campaign Co-Chair Lusa Salises, Somali Ceasefire Campaign Chair Mohamed Falah, Montenegro Gaza Ceasefire Campaign Leader Mr. Miru, former president of the British Bangladeshi Chamber of Commerce Bashir Ahmad and Camden community leader Maqsood Ahmad.

Wais Islam was born and raised in the Tower Hamlets area of East London. Along with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Gilhall University, London, he has completed a master’s degree in public policy from the famous Queen Mary University of London. After completing his studies, he started his career as an e-commerce and mobile phone banker at NatWest Bank Head Office. Later, he worked as a Law Enforcement Advisor as a Higher Executive Officer of the Home Office.

In 2006, Wais Islam was elected as a Councilor for the Respect Party from the Whitechapel Ward in Tower Hamlets. In 2007 he was appointed Chairman of Tower Hamlets Council’s Pensions and Investments Committee, helping to oversee the £700m large budget fund. In 2008, he was nominated as the first Bengali Olympic Ambassador by Tower Hamlets Council. As a Labor councilor on Tower Hamlets Council until 2010, he played a vocal role on every civic issue.

As a human rights activist, Wais Islam is widely discussed in the community for his stance against the Iraq War. Later, his activities have always been conducted on behalf of the oppressed Palestine. Not only Palestine, but also during the war in Afghanistan, he has participated in protest rallies and demonstrations, said in the press conference. The role of Waich Islam has always been for justice where Muslims have been persecuted, including protesting the killing of Muslims in Arakan, Myanmar and the killing of Uyghur Muslims in China.

In response to various questions from the journalists present, Wais Islam said, “When Israel’s barbaric attack on Gaza began in October last year, I played a role in various marches and meetings to stop the war.” But the most surprising thing is that I am as shocked as everyone by the Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer’s support of the Israeli attack without advocating for a ceasefire or a cessation of hostilities. Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer is elected from the Green and St Pancras constituency, an area where the majority of voters are Muslim. The Bangladeshis and Somalis here were demanding their MPs for the ceasefire

Let him play a role in the parliament. But he lost the support of the voters as he failed to reflect the aspirations of the voters.

He said that around 40,000 innocent people have lost their lives since the attack on Gaza started last October. Most of them are innocent women and children. 80 thousand people were injured in various ways and nearly 2 hundreds thousands people were left homeless. Despite a motion in Parliament protesting this barbaric attack, the Labor leader urged his MPs to refrain from voting. In protest, I formed the Gaza Ceasefire Association (CGCA) in Camden as a human rights activist to stop the war in Palestine. Sir Kier Starmer’s role as Leader of the Opposition was to stand up for Israel and against Palestine, which is against humanity and human rights, rather than putting pressure on the government. Moreover, he went to LBC radio and said that Israel has the right to stop the supply of water, electricity and food. Which I think is against humanity.

Although we strongly protested against such actions of the Labor leader by the Gaza Ceasefire Association in Camden, he did not pay attention, but he and his party have been supporting Israel shamelessly. As you know, he has been elected repeatedly by the votes of Bengalis and Somali Muslims from this area. We have elected him. However, he did not give priority to the demands of the voters there. Instead, they gave thumbs up to their opinion. So I have declared for election in this seat.

He also said in a written statement, “If our community works together and votes for me in the next election, then I have a high chance of passing.” There are about 72 thousand votes in this constituency. Out of these 72 thousand, Muslims have about 32 thousand votes. So if we can vote for humanity, for Gaza, for an end to the war, victory is possible.

He also said that the residents are facing various problems in the area. Especially the housing problem

It has become serious. As new houses are not built, the residents are gradually rushing towards overcrowding. My election promises will be building council houses, working on health services, bringing crime under control, strengthening better policing services, hardship of living, employment of the unemployed, training and green areas among other things will be my priorities.

I urge you to elect me by voting, advising and cooperating in the upcoming elections. I hope that if I am elected, I can speak for the hopes and aspirations of the people of the area, especially the oppressed and oppressed people.