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‘Dr Yunus suffering the consequences of his crime’

Dr Muhammad Yunus is suffering the consequences of his crime, said Grameen Bank’s chief legal adviser Masud Akhtar on Monday.

He said, “Dr Yunus has cheated 1,05,00,000 members of Grameen Bank. Now, he is suffering the curse of that deception.”

Masud Akhtar made this comments while speaking to journalists at Supreme Court’s Annex Building today.

He said, “We have no personal grudge with Dr Yunus. We complain about his actions and misdeeds. Dr Yunus is greedy. He has cheated with the customers of Grameen Bank and is suffering the consequences of that.”

He further said, “Yunus did not take any advantage for himself and his family. But he gave hundreds of crores of work order to his company for printing press and gave it at 30-40 per cent higher rate. Dr Yunus tortured one of his GM as he protested this. Corruption allegations has been made against Muhammad Yunus since 1997. Though he left the bank in 2011, he did not allow anyone to leak his corruption. Because after that, his people run the bank. But in 2020, an audit revealed the corruption.”