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Flood Situation In Sylhet Improves: Tourist Spots Reopened

The flood situation in Sylhet has improved. According to officials from the Water Development Board (WDB), all river points in the district, except for the Fenchuganj point of the Kushiyara River, are below the danger level. The water level is receding at the Fenchuganj point as well.

Meanwhile, after being closed for seven days, the district’s tourist spots have been reopened. The district administration has announced that from noon today, tourist sites can be visited under certain conditions.

With the improving situation, people who had taken shelter in relief centers are returning home. The City Corporation authorities are conducting cleanliness drives in the city’s internal canals to ensure the floodwater recedes quickly. Additionally, areas where the water has receded are also being cleaned.

Sajlu Laskar, the Public Relations Officer of Sylhet City Corporation, said that there are 20 relief centers in the 42 wards of Sylhet City Corporation. As of noon today, no one was found in seven centers. Other centers are being monitored after 2 PM. However, the relief centers have not been closed and are ready to provide shelter again if the water level rises.

According to WDB sources, the danger level of the Kushiyara River at the Sheola point is 13.05 centimeters. At noon today, the water level was at 11.87 centimeters. At the Fenchuganj point, the danger level is 9.45 centimeters; at noon today, it was at 9.96 centimeters.

Dipak Ranjan Das, the Executive Engineer of WDB Sylhet, said that since the rivers in Sylhet are full, the water is receding slowly. There has been no new increase in water levels. Additionally, there has been no rain in India’s Cherrapunji in the last 24 hours, preventing new floods. If this situation continues for a few more days, things will return to normal.

Due to heavy rain and mountain runoff, the flood situation in Sylhet deteriorated around ten days ago. During that time, river levels were above the danger mark. Consequently, all tourist spots in Sylhet were declared closed on May 30. From May 31, all tourist spots in Sylhet remained closed. As the situation improved, tourist spots have been reopened today after seven days.

District Commissioner Sheikh Russel Hasan stated that tourist spots have been reopened under certain conditions. Tourists must wear life jackets when boarding boats or entering the water. Almost all the 13 upazilas of the district were affected by the flood, and many people had taken shelter in relief centers. According to the latest reports, only a few people remain in shelters in Zakiganj upazila, while others have returned home.

As per the district administration’s decision, from this morning, the Bholaganj Sada Pathar tourist spot in Companiganj upazila was reopened. Subsequently, from the afternoon, other tourist spots like Ratargul, Bichanakandi, and Jaflong were also reopened.