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Many may be arrested in Anar murder case after investigation: Kamal

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal on Monday hinted that many people may be arrested in connection with the murder of lawmaker Anwarul Azim Anar.

“Many suspects may be arrested after completing the investigation of the Anar murder case,” he told journalists replying to a question at his ministry office in the capital.

Replying to another question about a local leader Kazi Kamal Ahmed (Babu) who was arrested in Jhenaidah in this connection, the minister said, “Let the investigation be completed first, many may be arrested… No comments should actually be made before the investigation.”

Mentioning the law enforcement agencies findings of Anar murder case, he said, “We are still saying that we have come very close to the truth. We can reveal a lot to you then only, when the body is identified. I heard the statement of those who committed to murder of Anar.”

The Indian and Bangladeshi law enforcement agencies have been working jointly to unearth everything of Anar killing, Kamal added, reports BSS.

“DNA tests will ensure whether the recovered objects are Anar’s body or not. If the DNA is matched with his daughter’s DNA then it will be confirmed that it’s Anar’s body. Before the test, we cannot be sure that the objects are the parts of his body,” he said.

Referring to two cases in connection with the murder, the minister said one case was filed in India as the place of occurrence and another was filed in Dhaka by the member of parliament (MP)’s daughter.

About the extradition treaty, he further said since the incident happened in India, it is their responsibility to take back the main accused from the USA for trial.

“As far as I know, the US has an extradition treaty with India, so in this case, maybe the Indian government will get that benefit. We do not have the treaty with the US. As a friendly country, we believe that India will cooperate in all our activities and continue in the future,” he said.

About an on duty police constable shot dead by another police at a sentry post of Palestine Embassy, Kamal said a probe committee was formed to investigate the matter.

“After getting the report, we can disclose details of the accused as he was mentally sick or felt depressed. Before publishing the report, we should not say anything about the shooting,” he said.

He said members of the law enforcement agencies are always responsible for controlling law and order and ensuring the overall security and safety of the society.