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Betar Bangla celebrates its 4th year of 24hr broadcasting

18 January, 2015 was the fourth year completion of Betar Bangla’s 24 hour broadcast.  To celebrate

this millstone moment, a colourful party was held in Royal Regency Hall of East London, which was

attended by sponsors, artists and invited guests. There were dance, music, poetry and jokes, and

special music from Indian Baul Artist Papia Ghoshal.  Betar Bangla Presenter Ajonta Dev Roy and

Salam Jones jointly presented the event where Betar Bangla Forum Artists Kalpana, Salma, Milon,

Shompa, Khan Bhai, Mitu performed music, Manikur Rahman Gani performed magic, Tofayal Basit

Topu offered  jokes, Salah Uddin Shahin and Najrul Islam Akik recited poetry, China Group

performed dance, which was enjoyed by all.

Detective Chief Inspector PC Shobnom Chowdhury, Council Leader for Barking and Dagenham

Darren Rod Well, Council Leader Rachel Sanders, John Biggs MEP, Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets

Oliur Rahman, Wajed Hasan Selim of Pride of Asia, of Vice Chairman of Dhaka Regency Hotel Mosleh

Ahmed , NTV CEO Sabrina Chowdhury, David of Square Mile, Abdul Hamid Chowdhury of Srota

Forum, Programme Co-ordinator Mostaque Ahmed Babul and President of Sunil Shahittya Parishad

and Bengal Centre of Germany Najmun Nessa Piary gave speech in between performances wishing

the success of this channel.

Among others who were present at the celebration were Cllr Faruque Chowdhury, Cllr Ayesha

Chowdhury, Cllr Mahbub Alam, Mahbub Morshed of Mahbub& Co, Ashraf Talukdar of Tarana Group,

Helal Uddin Khan of Hillside , MP candidate for Barking Mina Rahman, Acting President of Awami

League Jalal Uddin, Awami League Leader Sharob Ali, Community personalities Mr and Mrs Mojahid

Ali, Shubra Matin, BNP Vice-President Tajul Islam, Syed Hasan Ahmod of BCCB, BCCB Director

Momtaj Khan, Barrister Tahmina Kabir, Communtiy Activists Hafsa Islam, Akash Ahmed Bipu, Jewel

Ashoque of Automac, China Chowdhury, Mohi Uddin of Simple Call, Monir Ahmed of JMG, Sadeque

Ahmed of PCO Claim, Ayas Miah of A M Accountancy, Clear View Accident Management Group and


At the end of the event Executive Director of Betar Bangla Nazim expressed his gratitude to

everyone who attended the event and to all of them who helped Betar Bangla to come along this

momentous point.

Director Rina Dash thanked all for joining the event. Syed Shah Selim Ahmed helped with news and

admin where as Ajijur Rahman Shiplu provided technical assistance in broadcasting.