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Srabanti in woman centric film Sesh Sangbad

For the first time, West Bengal actress Srabanti will be part of a film that revolves around


The actress is playing the lead in Pallav Gupta`s debut film, Sesh Sangbad, the script of

which is penned by the director himself. Shooting of the film starts from January 25. “We

have very few women-centric films in Tollywood. And I am happy that Pallav considered

me for the part. The film is about a woman`s journey,” said Srabanti, who is also a part of

Nabo Jibon Bima Company opposite Soham.

The director, who is based in Delhi, said, ” The film is about women empowerment and

how, even today, some corporate houses don`t pay respect to women. This film shows

how a homemaker traces her missing husband and the obstacles she faces. I felt Srabanti

fits the bill,” informed Pallav.

The film also stars Partha Sarathi, Pradip Mukherjee and Laboni Sarkar among others.

Source: Times of India