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Saudha launches Thumri and Ghazal Festival in London

Saudha, Society of Poetry and Indian Music, one of the country’s fast-becoming leading Indian classical concert organisers  is offering a very special  Valentine’s treat with  two romantic and spiritually enrapturing genres of Indian semi-classical music on this Valentine’s day (14 February) and the day after (15 February).  The music will be interpreted through traditional and contemporary poetry in English which are set to complement and interpret the mood and the meaning of music for the global audience.Supported by London Borough of Merton and Merton library services, the society has already introduced two workshops mainly for children with learning difficulties and vulnerable adults on Indian music and poetry in Wimbledon library on last 9 and 22 January.The two-day Ghazal and Thumri Festival will now feature one of the finest Indian classical vocalists Chandra Chakraborty, Ghazal singer and satirist Mehboob Nadeem, Semi-classical vocalists Farzana Sifat and Priya Bhagwat, Actor and reciter Erik Schelander etc. on first day of the performance happening at Morden Assembly Hall from 6.30pm. On 15 February, the second day of the festival, an Iranian exiled poet Ziba Karabassi, critically acclaimed poet Mir Mahfuz Ali, David Lee Margon, Erik Schelander and Shaila Simi will read their poems on the mood of music while Chandra Chakraborty, Farzana Sifat, Sayan Gupta, Priya Bhagwat and young pianist Niloy Amin  will perform the renditions of both seamlessly  fused and pure Ghazals and Thumris at Raynes Park library hall from 5pm.  Director of Saudha, Ahmed Kaysher said: “Merton is one of those places where the richness of different cultures around the globe merge so vividly and historically. At previous events we have been fascinated by the wide range of people from different cultures coming to watch the high quality musical performances. We intertwine Indian music with Western classical music like Troubadour and Western poetry from Keats, Sylvia Plath and Lorca to interpret the mood of the music for an international audience. A ticket to the festival is an ideal treat for Valentine’s Day that’s a bit different.”