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“I don’t let gender define my roles in society”

30Lucky Enam is powerful figure of Bangladeshi theatre. In a career spanning over four decades, she has enriched the stage with their artistic talents and expertise. The actor-director spoke with this correspondent on International Women’s Day. Excerpts:

What is your take on International Women’s Day?

Lucky Enam: Women have been struggling for ages to establish their equal rights in the society. This day reminds women about their struggles and encourages us to move forward with dignity. Every day is a women’s day; women have made substantial contribution in nearly every sphere of society.

As an artiste, how do you celebrate womanhood?

Lucky Enam: I would rather say I am an individual instead of calling myself a woman. I don’t let gender define my roles in society. As a human being, I have some responsibilities for fellow humans, and I am trying to do that. I am trying to raise awareness among the society on this issue through theatre: I run the Nagorik Natyangan Institute of Drama where I teach youngsters the art of theatre, which I think can build a society.

How do you think women of Bangladesh are doing in society?

Lucky Enam: Women are shining in every sector. Education has played in important role in their development, and that’s why they are now working hand in hand with men. But I think awareness about their rights is also important.  Women have to work collectively to establish their equal rights.